General Overseer Releases Crucial Document on FINISH Commitment

Church of God General Overseer Dr. Timothy M. Hill has released a document entitled, “The FINISH Commitment: The Essential Alignment of Priorities, Paradigms, and Purpose.”

The 54-page bound volume is a summary and expansion of an address delivered to the International Executive Council of the Church of God earlier this year.

Hill’s compilation of the volume coincides with the first anniversary of his election as General Overseer of the Church of God in July 2016. Reflecting on the first year of casting the vision that became known as the FINISH Commitment, he said, “I am still overwhelmed at the largeness and even the seeming audacity of such a challenge. To think that a movement like the Church of God could play a significant role in completing the Great Commission boggles my mind, yet it inspires my soul.”

According to Hill, for over a year now the Church of God has, “newly embraced the paradigm of global evangelization in a most meaningful way, and we are dedicated to Find the unreached, Intercede in prayer, Network with others, Invest in church planting, Send laborers into the Lord’s work, and Harvest unlimited fields before Jesus comes.”

The bulk of the document deals with 25 issues, which Hill has categorized into the six categories of Doctrinal Affirmation, Structural Acclimation, Generational Assimilation, Ministerial Activation, Visional Actualization, and Spiritual Acceleration. He addresses the term paradigm by explaining it as, “a set of generally accepted assumptions or the vision of reality through which we perceive the world. It is a standard accepted by an individual or a society as a clear example, model, or pattern of how things should work.”

“The Essential Alignment of Priorities, Paradigms & Purpose focuses on the future and how I see the Church of God playing a major role in completing the Great Commission in our lifetime,” Hill continued. “Through this book, I have attempted to start a Kingdom conversation about keeping our priorities in line, making sure that our paradigms are solid, and assuring that our purpose is true and biblical as a movement.”

Production of “Priorities, Paradigms, and Purpose” was recently completed and will be distributed this month to all pastors. Copies of the book are only $2 (less in larger quantities) and available for purchase at

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