Indian Bible Institute and Division of Education Partner to Provide Training

The Indian Bible Institute (IBI), which is part of the Southwest Indian Ministries (SWIM), and the Church of God Division of Education (DOE), have partnered to provide training, especially to the Navajo ministers and laity.

According to Dr. Donald Bennett with DOE, presently 25 students are studying the School of Ministry courses, A Journey Through the New Testament and Preaching the Word Today, as well as the Indian Bible Institute course, Fruit of the Spirit.

“Since the Navajo reservation is more than 27,000 square miles and the Southwest Indian Ministries has planted churches and missions in strategic areas, there is a strong possibility of starting classes in new areas so that many of the native ministers can take advantage of the classes,” Bennett stated.

The partnership was initiated by Thomas Tapley, the administrative bishop for the area, and developed by Dr. Harry Begay, SWIM Education director, along with Bennett.

Begay reported that the Navajo and English languages are being utilized in the classroom setting. He is grateful that the Division of Education allows the dominant languages to be used as part of the teaching tool. He also feels strongly in the preservation of languages, especially the Navajo language. Begay shared that the Navajo language had a significant role in World War II, because it could not be decoded.

IBI also utilizes the Navajo Hymnal and the Navajo Bible in its church services. The institute will soon teach Navajo literacy and will focus on adult basic education, pre-GED, and GED programs as its Learning Center is set up.

(Source: Church of God Division of Education)

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