Second Faith Fire Freedom Celebration Set for This Friday

The first of five Faith Fire Freedom women’s celebration rallies was held last Friday, September 8, 2017 at the Potter’s House Church in Columbus, Ohio.

An attendee of the celebration described, “an atmosphere saturated by the Holy Spirit as we worshipped together in celebration. From the inspired singing by the world-renowned Voices of Lee to the challenging message by Michelle Davenport, lives were refocused by the power of God to fulfill and FINISH the Great Commission.”

The celebration ended with hundreds of women in the altar seeking a new outpouring of God’s grace on their lives. The event was attended by hundreds of women, but by men as well, including members of the International Executive Committee for the Church of God. General Overseer Tim Hill greeted the audience.

The next Faith Fire Freedom Rally will occur this Friday, September 15 at 7:00 an integral part of the “Go West” Conference being held at Free Chapel Church in Irvine, California. The same expectancy of a visitation of the Holy Spirit exists for this and the three remaining celebrations set for Bloomfield, Connecticut (September 29, ), Sevierville, Tennessee (October 6), and Orlando, Florida (November 17).

To learn more about the Faith Fire Freedom rallies, view comments and videos, visit the Facebook page cogwomensministries.

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