Overseers Recognized for ‘Ministry of Excellence’

Orlando, Fla.–State and regional overseers for the Church of God, gathering in Orlando, Florida for the FINISH Forum Leadership Conference, were recognized for their participation and fulfillment of a program of achievement and goals as outlined by General Overseer Timothy M. Hill.

Hill congratulated the state/regional leaders for the Ministry of Excellence award during the opening session of the FINISH Forum on August 22. The International Executive Committee, including Raymond Culpepper, J. David Stephens, David Ramirez, and John Childers made the presentations to each overseer, also known as administrative bishops. The leaders came from all 50 states and regions of Canada and included Hispanic administrative bishops who lead half dozen regions across the United States.

To be recognized each administrative bishop was to provide information and statistics, as well as projected goals and objectives. Some of the criteria included number of projected churches launched/planted, strategies for church revitalization, completion of local church property assessments, and assisting local churches in developing a FINISH Commitment plan. In addition, states/regions were encouraged to choose one of the 12 “Cities of Light” as a World Missions project and set a goal for an increase in World Missions giving.

Another aspect of the Ministry of Excellence objectives was to provide an up-to-date church and pastor demographic assessment. Reports from administrative bishops included a categorical breakdown of churches in the state/region by morning worship attendance and pastor statistics by age. Hill presented the cumulative findings from these reports to the gathering on Tuesday night. The information will assist the Church of God in establishing a clear focus on future plans and programs.

The FINISH Forum continues through Thursday morning, August 24, 2017.

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