2017 Teen Talent Competition Set for Next Week

Church of God Youth and Discipleship is excited to host its long standing International Teen Talent competition in Cleveland, Tennessee, July 31 – August 4, 2017.

Over 20,000 participants compete in state, regional, and national competitions for the opportunity to represent at the international competition.

“This season’s response has been overwhelming with a record number of entries from the
United States, Canada, Bahamas, Bermuda, Jamaica, and South Africa,” said International Youth & Discipleship Director, David C. Blair. “The international stage is the place where preparation, practice, and passion combine with God-given talent to produce a canvas of
spectacular competition.”

“Once again, the finals will be hosted on the beautiful campus of Lee University,” Blair continued. “Lee President Dr. Paul Conn and his team open the campus housing and dining venues for competition. They do an incredible job hosting this event and Youth & Discipleship is very grateful for this strategic partnership.”

According to Blair, the on-campus housing was filled before the deadline, which is a great indicator of the expected turnout expected this year. Over 5,000 individuals will compete in forty-three categories. Total attendance could exceed 8,000 once all parents, grandparents, and friends arrive for the Friday night Awards celebration.

All competition can be viewed via livestream at cogteentalent.com.

“Teen Talent began as a means of challenging and encouraging students to sharpen their God-given talents and give their best to Him,” Blair concluded. “We are grateful for every pastor, parent and leader who invests their time and energy in this generation to make Teen Talent a tremendous success.”

International Youth and Discipleship Assistant Director, Rob Bailey, said, “Teen Talent has been recognizing and celebrating talent for more than fifty years. We can’t wait to see the results of practice coupled with passion in this talented generation.”

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