“FINISH Commitment” Ministry Objectives Chosen as Theme for Wittenberg 2017 Summit

Cleveland, TN – Church of God International Offices is honored to partner with the Billion Soul Network and the upcoming Wittenberg 2017 Summit in October. An even greater ministry compliment is for Billion Soul Co-Founder Dr. James O. Davis to personally request permission from Presiding Bishop Dr. Tim M. Hill, to globally introduce: The “FINISH Commitment” Ministry Objectives, A Global Church Focus on the Great Commission, as the official theme of the Wittenberg 2017 Summit.

Hill stated, “It is the utmost ministry compliment for Dr. James O. Davis to ask our blessing for the use of the ‘FINISH Commitment’ Ministry Objectives as the theme for the upcoming Wittenberg 2017 Summit. I look forward to presenting The FINISH Commitment as the keynote address opening night.”

As Hill shared previously, “by now the Church of God has recognized the elements of the FINISH Commitment – the initiative that guides our efforts to help complete the Great Commission in our generation. Working alongside our brothers and sisters in other Evangelical movements, this challenge is achievable, if we faithfully Find, Intercede, Network, Invest, Send and Harvest – the essentials of our God-inspired approach to this task.”

“On the global front, we are hard at work finding and engaging lost people,” Hill continued. “In cooperation with interdenominational agencies, like Billion Souls and The Wittenberg 2017 Summit, and by employing our own strategies, we are identifying unreached people – groups among whom there are no Christians, or so few that they are unable to evangelize the rest of their population. It is thrilling to realize how successful these efforts are and will continue to be.”

Other Global Church Leaders have made statements in agreement with our own in saying:

“If the Church is ever going to complete the Great Commission,” states Dr. Efraim Tendero, General Secretary of the World Evangelical Alliance Church, “then key global leaders will have to be willing to do their best to cross denominational and organizational lines like never before. The Wittenberg 2017 Summit gives us the synergistic opportunity to accomplish more for Christ throughout this generation.”

Leon Fontaine, President of The Miracle Channel and Pastor of Springs Church, says, “Like never before, we are seeing the body of Christ willing to network together to advance the kingdom. I believe attending The Wittenberg 2017 Summit is pivotal to bringing us one step closer to fulfilling the Great Commission.”

“Foursquare International is intently working toward the completion of the Great Commission in our generation” said President Dr. Glenn Burris. “I am looking forward to joining forces with Christian organizations from around the world at The Wittenberg 2017 Summit.”

As part of the strategy to help synergize the entire Body of Christ toward the fulfillment of the Great Commission, Billion Soul Network will host The Wittenberg 2017 Summit October 30— November 1, 2017 in Wittenberg and Berlin, Germany. Global Church leaders from every major denomination and Christian stream will gather to synergize efforts to double the size of the Global Church during this generation. At least 100 nations will attend The Wittenberg 2017 Summit and to date over 700 Global Church leaders have registered to attend in October.

More Information on The Wittenberg 2017 Summit can be found at: www.Luther2017.tv

More information on “The FINISH Commitment” can be found at: www.churchofgod.org.

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