Revival Is Happening Throughout the Church of God

Dr. Tim Hill shares exciting news: “Revival is happening throughout the Church of God.”

A significant revival of national magnitude was recently inaugurated in late May and will continue for many amazing weeks into what has now grown by necessity to multiple locations. Crowds of over 40,000 will attend, repenting of sin, passionately worshipping God and experiencing an undeniable in-filling of the Holy Spirit. A prevailing unity among pastors is obvious as over 5,000 of them gather across multiple venues over this month of what has been described as nothing less than a wonderful visitation of the Holy Ghost.

This thrilling revival is diverse in its reach as it includes multiple cultural, generational and ethnic representations. Biblical preaching is central and is accompanied by energetic praise, worship and spirited Gospel singing. This revival has spread into every state of the nation resulting in thousands coming to Christ. While hundreds of these new Christians are just beginning their discipleship journey, others are accepting the call into ministry and will soon begin preparing to plant and pastor churches throughout North America while others will become Missionaries around the world.

One of the more noticeable extensions of this incredible move of God is revealed in the impactful ministry that will immediately continue for at least another month while spreading to even more locations with the specific purpose of ministering to children and teenaged students in more relaxed and casual settings. Principles of Christian Discipleship will be modeled while these students experience community among other young believers. Numerous worship and Word experiences will be the focus of these week-long “Christ encounters,” resulting in thousands more souls being saved, filled with the Spirit, baptized in water and following Jesus in maturing Discipleship. Crowds are expected to grow by another 25,000-30,000 for these extended youth-focused and week-long spiritual convocations.

All together this revival will impact over 75,000 people in a little less than two months. The exponential impact that these 75,000 people will have in their communities and local churches is beyond description. Their reach will no doubt be multiplied as a spiritual contagion will be released throughout North America.

Noted Christian magazines and news agencies will largely miss this story and it will likely not be seen on many, if any, Christian television networks. It most certainly won’t be picked up by any secular or mainstream newspapers but I assure you this revival is indeed one of notable impact and must not be missed by those who love it and are blessed by it most…the fellowship known as the Church of God.

The revival that I’ve just described is most commonly known among us as “Camp Meeting” and “Youth Camp” and they happen every year at his time. When one considers the multiplied and annual effect of these spiritual events, it is truly astounding and even astronomical.

To some, Camp Meeting has become irrelevant and a target of criticism and even ridicule and the truth is, criticism may be justified in light of what was allowed to happen to some of these meeting in bygone days. However, there is a new wind blowing and a burning Pentecostal fire has been rekindled. I have received calls, emails and texts every day for a month and each one testifies of a marvelous move of God accompanied by hundreds of spiritual results.

While other revivals and historical spiritual convocations have attracted the attention of printed and televised media, let us not minimize the wonderful heritage, spiritual treasure and ongoing opportunity for life changing revival that is a Church of God State/Regional Camp Meeting and Youth Camp.

May God visit each state and region during this amazing time.

—Tim Hill, Church of God General Overseer

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