Empowered21 Asia Witnesses Pentecost 2017 Miracles and Commissioning

Singapore — Empowered21 concluded the Pentecost 2017 “Wind and Fire” celebration of the Holy Spirit with weekend Harvest Rallies.

Evangelist, Daniel Kolenda, president of Christ for All Nations and a member of the E21 Global Council, ministered and challenged new generations to fulfill Acts 1:8—going into all the earth and embracing the wind and fire of the Holy Spirit. During these last two sessions, thousands responded to the call to know Christ Jesus and hundreds of miracles were documented during prayer for the sick. “It was exciting to witness the power of God flow throughout the auditorium,” said Kolenda. “Seeing people that were bound—being set free is what Empowered21 is all about. All I can say is: The God we serve is amazing!”

Earlier during the week, more than 7,000 delegates from 49 nations gathered for the 2017 Empowered21 Asia Congress. E21 Asia gave intentional focus to intergeneration ministry, training, and commission by hosting Generation GO! sessions and featuring multi-generational speaking teams from across Asia and the Spirit-empowered movement.

“Empowered21 Asia is intentional about connecting the generations of the church,” stated Dr. William Wilson, Co-chair of Empowered21 and President of Oral Roberts University. “We have heard this week from world-renowned father-son and father-daughter teams who have challenged and encouraged us that the Spirit-empowered movement is relevant and impactful.”

“This tag-team approach to ministry has been highly effective,” stated Russell Evans, president of Planetshakers International and a member of the E21 Global Council. “It demonstrates the current generation’s recognition of equipping and mentoring the next for taking the gospel around the globe.”

During the Congress, members of the E21 Asia Cabinet issued a challenge to more than two dozen Asian countries represented at the Congress to establish prayer towers dedicated to consistent prayer for the nations. Love Singapore is a group of church leaders dedicated to everyday prayer from 6:30 AM – 8:30 PM at an established tower.

The specific purpose of the gathering is prayer for revival across Singapore and Asia. Prayer tower representatives accepted plaques to be carried back to their countries with a commitment to establish prayer towers. Asian countries not represented at the Congress were placed on a prayer list in anticipation of establishing a prayer tower in all 44 Asian nations.

(Source: Empowered21)

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