FRC Aims to Stop Government Persecution of Christian Scientist

FRC Action Brent Kilen is urging the organization’s supporters to come to the defense of a Christian geologist who is being prevented from conducting research that could help prove his theories about the age of our planet because of his faith.

In a call-to-action email obtained by Charisma Caucus, Kilen writes:

Obama-era unelected bureaucrats within the federal government are actively continuing a concerning level of hostility towards religious freedom and Christian beliefs. This time, it is experienced geologist Dr. Andrew Snelling who is being targeted by the National Park Service and Grand Canyon National Park, both of which fall under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Department of the Interior.

Dr. Snelling is an acclaimed scientist with many published works to his credit who has been attempting to conduct research on rock formations in the Grand Canyon. When he made a request to the Park to acquire a handful of small rock samples, his requests were denied and he endured years of bureaucratic red tape, delays, and excuses for the denial.

Upon further investigation, it was discovered through public records requests that the involved government bureaucrats were explicitly discriminating against Dr. Snelling for his Christian faith and beliefs surrounding the earth’s formation.

The government’s demands included requiring Dr. Snelling to hike into the Canyon with GPS coordinates in order to identify every proposed sampling site, and take photos. Even after complying with numerous requests, Park officials refused to give him permission to collect the samples he was seeking.

Denying access to government resources based on one’s faith is clearly unconstitutional. No other scientist has been subjected to such demands and run-around.

Dr. Snelling is taking his case to the courtroom to fight this discrimination, but he needs us to stand with him.
“This case is all about giving the freedom for a scientist to do good science without having to undergo a religious litmus test,” Dr. Snelling commented. “We expect debate about what the evidence means, but the park shouldn’t prevent us from collecting data just like other scientists. I am merely asking for equal treatment by the government.”

The situation with Dr. Snelling has been ongoing for several years and Obama-era bureaucrats are still expressing hostility towards religious liberties from deep inside the federal government. This is another example of why President Trump and his administration must continue the fight to protect religious liberty and every American’s freedom to believe.

FRC Action has put together an online petition it is urging supporters to sign. The petition is aimed at Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke, and states:

The ongoing discrimination against Dr. Andrew Snelling is a clear violation of his First Amendment rights. Dr. Snelling is an experienced geologist with a Ph.D. from the internationally acclaimed University of Sydney, a published author, and a Christian. His religious beliefs should in no way lead to restrictions on his access to readily-available and otherwise easily-accessible government resources. The actions of the National Park Service officials are unconstitutional attempts to hinder Dr. Snelling’s research and silence his evidenced-based scientific opinions. We call on you to end this hostility and provide the permits and access that Dr. Snelling requests.

(Source: Charisma News)

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