Church of God Missionaries Provide Services

Often, the Church of God constituency is not aware that missionaries rarely can serve in a foreign country just as a “missionary;” countries now require that missionaries provide services and education for their people.

The Barreras are associate medical and psychological missionaries serving in Latin America for Church of God World Missions. They are rendering medical and psychological assistance throughout Latin America, as well as preaching Christ wherever they go.

In Altos de Dolores, Uruguay, the Barreras saw first-hand the devastation of a recent F3 tornado that was responsible for many losing everything. Over 500 houses needed to be rebuilt; 6 perished; and more than 200 were injured. As is often the case, many suffer with “post-traumatic stress.” Thankfully, there were those who accepted Christ as their personal Savior due to the tragedy.

Guillermo participated as a lecturer in a Youth Congress in Montevideo, and many young people were renewed in the Holy Spirit. Several renewed their commitment to God, leaving drugs, and were filled with the Holy Spirit.

The Barreras traveled to Puerto Rico, preaching and ministering in the town of Aguas Buenas at the Rivers of Living Waters Church of God. Silvina also taught a class at the Caribbean Theological College of the Assemblies of God in Bayamón. More than 85 pastors from the entire island attended. Other trips to minister included Antofagasta, Chile, and Bolivia.

Guillermo and Silvina affirm they will continue to preach Jesus Christ in the integration of medical, psychological, social assistance, theological education, leadership training, ministerial care, evangelism, providing God’s love to needy people, and to support pastors on the missionary field.

Click here to partner with the Barreras in ministry: Project # 0635-0502.

(Source: Church of God World Missions)

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