Evangel Launches Re-Vamped Web Presence and Podcast

Late last week, leaders with the Church of God Evangel launched a completely redesigned and reimagined Evangel online experience. The new site offers a more accessible and shareable web experience than ever before.

The Church of God Evangel has been an integral ministry of the Church of God Publishing House for 107 years. Every month, the Evangel reaches thousands of readers in churches, homes, schools, and prisons with inspiring and empowering content.

In addition to the monthly print edition, new features include:
• Exclusive content
• Weekly podcasts
• Church resources and reviews
• Spanish translation
• Shareable links

According to T. Wayne Dority, director of publications at Pathway Press, each month there will be a selection of articles from the printed publication, exclusive content, a weekly podcast and more.

“I’m very excited that Pathway has momentum on the digital landscape with this expansion of the Church of God Evangel’s ministry,” Dority said. “We have the potential to significantly increase our reach, subscription base, and ministry to the body of Christ through the new website and podcast. If you pay attention you’ll be blessed by the content and mobile friendly experience we now offer our readership!”

In addition to material that is available now at evangelonline.com, there is more content yet to come, including a searchable database, filter by content type, training seminars and other video content.

Managing editor of the Evangel, Lance Colkmire, said, “The new online Evangel will complement the ongoing print edition by including several of the same articles while adding significant new content each month in a variety of engaging formats. An Evangel you can both read and hear.”

For the inaugural podcast, Evangel online features two of the five original founders of Winterfest, Tom Madden and Ray Looney. They discuss the 35th anniversary, which took place earlier this month in Knoxville, Tenn., and stories along the way. Please visit www.evangelmagazine.com

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