“Come Home” Prayer Event Set for March 7

As part of a continuing prayer emphasis set in place by General Overseer Tim Hill, pastors and members, especially prayer leaders and intercessors, are being invited to the International Offices of the Church of God in Cleveland, Tennessee during a special day set aside for prayer.

The Agree 17 “Come Home” prayer event is planned for Tuesday, March 7.

Doug Small, International Prayer Coordinator will be on hand to meet guests.

“We’ll meet in the rotunda (located in the World Evangelization Center) which tells the story of our early years,” Small stated. “Then, we’ll tour the campus. We’ll retrace our steps by completing prayer missions to various places on campus, for specific ministries in the three primary headquarters buildings.”

“The benefit,” Small continued, “is that our people, many of whom have never been to our international offices, will get the privilege of seeing the campus, learning about the denomination’s ministries, and having the opportunity to be partners in prayer. Dr. Tim Hill is challenging the church to bathe everything in prayer. We want to plan well, but pray better!”

Those participating in the Agree 17 Come Home Campaign will be challenged to adopt a General Offices Prayer Partner. Small says, “The difference in all we do always comes back to the edge that prayer gives us! The great gift all of us can offer is the ‘gift of prayer’ to the effort of world evangelization.”

Also available is an optional field trip to Murphy, North Carolina, to visit the historic steps of Church of God heritage: Barney Creek, the Shearer Schoolhouse site, and the simple mountain home where the first general assembly took place.

“The day-long experience will touch our early beginnings and our present-day global ministries,” Small stated. The primary purpose, Small says, is, “not merely education about our history or present ministries, but prayer mobilization…We want our pastors and laity to adopt our international offices in prayer! We want prayer on-site, for the folks who work there daily, and those who labor around the world. We want continuous prayer, as watchers of the wall, for the ministries of the church around the world. Something happens when we pray on-site. God gives insight. Heart-bonds form. The Spirit speaks. And prayer sparks touch the world.”

Small invites local churches to consider “coming home” and bringing a van-load to pray for the international church and its leaders. Make plans to join the Agree 17 Come Home Campaign, Tuesday, March 7. Call 855-842-5483 to make reservations or register online at: praycog.org/agree-17-prayer-campaign.

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