Artist Presents Gift to Smoky Mountain Children’s Home

Sevierville, TN—A local artist donated a piece of wall art valued at over $15,000 which will be hung in the Smoky Mountain Children’s Home Moffett Dining Hall.

Donald McCorkle, right, presents the mural to SMCH Director Walt Mauldin and Tammie Mauldin (click on photo to enlarge).

Donald McCorkle, right, presents the mural to SMCH Director Walt Mauldin and Tammie Mauldin.

Dr. Coleman Peacock, Director of Communications for SMCH, described the presentation as follows: “It was an exciting Wednesday morning, February 1, as administration and staff gathered in the Moffett Dining Hall at Smoky Mountain Children’s Home for their monthly all-staff meeting. Hanging over the stage and fireplace was a huge drape, concealing what everyone was waiting to see. With great anticipation the moment finally arrived when executive director, Dr. Walt Mauldin, and his wife, Tammie, asked our special guest, Donald McCorkle, to join them on stage for the unveiling of the mystery behind the drapes. Little by little the drapes were removed, revealing a large 3-dimensional sculpture that seemed to emerge from the wall. Everyone stood in awe as they viewed the intricate detail of the relief mural that now accents this traditional site. What a beautiful contribution artist Donald McCorkle presented to the Home for Children.”

“Mr. McCorkle has definitely blessed this campus with his artistic talent,” said Mauldin. “To witness his detailed creations come alive from paper sketches to reality is utterly amazing. We could never repay him for his gift to our campus.”

McCorkle, who relocated from Louisiana to Sevierville, has completed other works of relief art locally for such places as the Sevierville’s Chamber of Commerce and the King Family Library. His work can be seen in hotels, restaurants, stores, offices, banks, and hospitals. His unique art “attracts the eye” and leaves a lasting impression on all who view it.

Peacock stated, “Smoky Mountain Children’s Home is honored to have the exquisite work of artist Donald McCorkle displayed in its dining hall, accenting the place with grace and beauty.
His contribution will be enjoyed by hundreds of residents, staff, and visitors for many years to come. Mr. McCorkle’s masterpiece reminds me of what God does with the disadvantaged children and youth with whom we work. He takes simple raw materials and makes them into something beautiful—masterpieces—exquisite murals for all to see and be blessed.”

To learn more about this unique artist, visit his website at or call 865-933-0202. Email Donald McCorkle at [email protected]

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