Guatemala Seminary Is Thriving

Dr. David Ramírez, assistant general overseer and executive director of the Division of Education, is excited about the great news of what is happening at Seminario Biblico Pentecostal de Centroamerica (SEBIPCA), the Church of God seminary in Guatemala.

While Dr. Terry Cross, dean of the School of Religion at Lee University, is on sabbatical, he is also teaching a course in practical theology at SEBIPCA to about 40 master’s degree students in Lee University’s MA program in Christian Ministries and Leadership.

Almost all the students are pastors in various parts of Latin America: Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and even Columbia.

Dr. Cross exclaimed, “Rarely, if ever, in my ministry of teaching have I sensed such a passion to learn, as well as such a movement of God’s Spirit right while I have been teaching. We are dealing with the tough issues of poverty, corruption in government, and other types of manifestations of sin in our cultures. With young ministers like these, I am convinced that the future of the Church of God in Central America is on a steady course for the future.”

Dr. Donald Bennett, USA Coordinator in the Division of Education, states, “This is an inspiring example of how the FINISH Commitment and the Global Education Initiative are working to expand the kingdom of God through networking, training ministers to be sent into the harvest, and connecting with the global community.”

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