Interim Publishing House Leadership Named

CLEVELAND, TN: With the impending departure of Terry Hart as the General Director of Publications for the Church of God Publishing House/Pathway Press, the Church of God International Executive Committee today announced that an interim leadership team, led by a liaison from the Executive Committee, will serve to coordinate operations at the publishing house.

“The Executive Committee and I are very appreciative of the service and leadership of Terry Hart at the publishing house over the last six years. As we seek the right person to lead the publishing house in a trying time for the printing business, we are taking this interim step. There is no question that the publishing business has been under siege for the past few years. However, with a strong editorial staff and financial team in place, we believe that the interim leadership team, led by Dr. John D. Childers, Secretary General of the denomination, working hand in hand with the Board of Directors and Chairman Tony Cooper, will be able to maintain Pathway Press as a viable denomination-run publishing house until a permanent director can be named,” stated Dr. Timothy M. Hill, General Overseer of the Church of God.

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