FIND Coalition Meets in Cleveland

Cleveland, TN–Under the auspices of Church of God World Missions, the FIND Coalition, in conjunction with the FINISH Challenge, met once again in an effort of engaging Unreached People Groups. Ken Anderson, World Missions Coordinator of Unreached People Groups, moderated. Approximately 50 individuals were in attendance.

World Missions Director Dr. Timothy Hill offered the opening challenge, while other contributors were Dr. James Davis; Chris Jarrard; Birch Hutchenson; Dr. Douglas LeRoy; Dan and Terri Winters; Sushil Mathew; Fred and Melody Nichols; and Charles Lambert.

The FIND Coalition involves emphasizing more communication, more coordination, and more mobilization to the unreached. Since April 2015, the Coalition spread across the globe and began the work of locating new UPG opportunities. Amazingly, from April to December 2015, the new UPG ministry opportunities came to 74 … the exact number of UPGs engaged during the previous 20-plus years. Only God’s favor and the move of His Spirit could have doubled the total number in only eight months!

Already in 2016, 15 new works have been added to the list. The last days harvest will be the largest in history! So far, in every place where the FINISH Challenge has been taken, it was discovered that long before arriving, God was already there working in the hearts of key men and women.

The FIND Coalition now anticipates 1,000 new UPGs by 2020! It will be the “Harvest at the speed of favor.”

(Source: Church of God World Missions)

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