Book Sheds New Light on End-time Prophecy

A new Bible study on the book of Daniel, “Unlocking the Truth of Daniel”, shares startling information drawn from history on whom the kings of the north and south were, and how early Christians mistranslated the Bible.

Award-winning author Laura J. Davis utilizes her 40 years of biblical study to show readers how much of the Old Testament book of Daniel is historical prophecy already fulfilled, not in our future as many end-time prophecy teachers believe.

Using history and scripture as her guide, the author leads readers through the centuries to reveal prophecy already fulfilled. Readers will learn:

• Who the original Antichrist was and if another is coming
• Who the “kings of the north and south” were
• How early Christian translators erred in their interpretation of the book of Daniel
• How Daniel’s prophecies played out in history
• What we can expect in the future

“When I looked at Daniel’s prophecies through the eyes of history I made a startling find that sent me on a quest for the truth,” says Davis. “When carefully examined, it is clear that the information we currently attribute to Daniel concerning end-time events is misleading, and unfortunately, Christians base much of their doctrine on it. This book addresses those errors.”

Retired Pastor Peter A. Black says, “This work is rich in historical background and fascinating in detail, and is also far-reaching in implication. Brace yourself though, for on occasion, Laura challenges widely-held cherished notions about ‘end times’, making her case cogently where that occurs. Important, however, is that she urges students to prayerfully do some digging of their own, and not to simply take her word for it.”

“Unlocking the Truth of Daniel” is currently available through Amazon and bookstores everywhere.

Laura J. Davis has studied the Bible inductively for 40 years. Unlocking the Truth of Daniel is book one in her new Digging Deeper series.

(Source: Christian Newswire)

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