Groups Call for Republican Party to Defund Planned Parenthood

Several Ohio and national pro-life organizations are planning major demonstrations just before the Republican National Convention to ensure the pro-life message is heard by the Platform Committee.

Activists will request that $540,000,000 currently given to Planned Parenthood be redirected to 13,000 federally licensed health clinics which provide true comprehensive women’s health care. These clinics provide a greater variety of services and choices to women than Planned Parenthood and are not under federal investigation.

The groups leading the demonstrations are also conducting a five-city tour through Ohio on June 16-17 in preparation for their campaign in Cleveland.

Mark Harrington, National Director of Created Equal, states,”The eyes of the world will be focused on Cleveland, OH this summer as the GOP nominates their candidate for the President of the United States. Decisions will be made at the convention that will influence our nation for a generation. A coalition of pro-life groups and activists is forming to take advantage of this historic opportunity to collectively raise our voice for the preborn. We demand the Republican Party continue to defend the preborn, but we are also calling our nation to repent for 43 years of unabated child killing.

“Simply stated, the GOP nominee and the Republican party cannot expect success at the ballot box without the passionate support of the pro-life community.

“Taking the bold step of defunding Planned Parenthood in the Party Platform is a positive first step in ensuring the GOP continues to be a pro-life party.”

Rev. Patrick Mahoney, Director of the Washington, D.C. based in Washington, D.C., states, “We are coming to Cleveland this summer to send a powerful message to the Republican Party and the GOP nominee that they cannot call themselves pro-life if they continue to give the largest abortion provider in the world hundreds of millions of dollars every year.”

(Source: Christian Newswire)

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