International Offices Unveils Upgraded Media Capabilities

Cleveland, TN–When the Leadership and Communications Center opened in 2004, it included a small conference center and state of the art recording and digital editing studio. At the time the equipment was the best the industry had to offer.

Over the last 12 years that same equipment, software and facilities have all been used to produce media that has gone literally around the globe. However, wear and tear and advances in technology rendered much of the equipment and software obsolete. In addition, shifts and changes in ministry focus within the Church of God have brought about the need for more advanced capabilities and relocation of some facilities.

This week, Church of God Communications unveiled a new recording studio that will offer new services and advanced technologies. Built adjacent to the current conference center, the upgraded space includes analog and digital recording equipment, as well as a full scale recording studio with one of the largest tracking rooms anywhere. The main tracking room can hold a choir and/or orchestra of over 100 members. Studio personnel will have the capability to record, mix and master any type of music project and to mix in 5.1 surround sound for film or music.

The new facilities will also be used to enhance the post production of Church of God videos with connectivity to a new AVID video editing suite with 4K Video work flow. The new suite is also adjacent to the conference center, but in a newly-constructed space on the northwest side of the first floor. Among other projects, the AVID suite can be used to remaster and restore old Church of God music projects, ministers’ tapes series, and highlight reels from past general assembly events.

Along with the newly-installed equipment and software, Communications is developing an internship program for Lee University students majoring in Music Business. The interns will have opportunities to use the studio as a lab. It will also be open for rental for those looking for a place to record, as the purpose is for it to be a place where church or ministries of all sizes and budgets can produce music and video projects.

The changes come on the heels of some long overdue technology upgrades since the international offices campus was expanded in 2002-2005. During that period, two new two-story buildings were constructed on the Keith and 25th street property and the original four story office building, constructed in 1966-1968, was gutted and modernized. The new campus was dedicated in September 2005.

–Cameron Fisher, Church of God Communications

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