Unity Tree Planted on Azusa Street

Leaders associated with the recent AzusaNow event came together on May April 10 to plant a symbolic tree near the site of the famous Azusa Street Revival. The leaders joined together after the Los Angeles Coliseum “AzusaNow” event to plant the Unity Tree on Azusa Street.
312 Azusa Street is considered one of the most famous addresses outside of Jerusalem in Christianity. The Azusafest final service was held on Sunday, April 10, with many leaders gathered to celebrate the planting of a new Unity in the Body of Christ. Bishop Bill Hamon, Prophet Dutch Sheets, Apostle Fred Berry and Lou Engle of The Call, declared with a formal plaque the following statement; “Our Appeal to heaven; May God be with us as he was with William Seymour; Unity Tree planted by Azusafest and theCall April 10, 2016.”

The planting of the “Unity Tree” was one of several activities after the AzusaNow coliseum event held on Azusa Street in downtown Los Angeles. First Nation people gathered early during the day to shake up Azusa Street with native dancing and worship. Dr. Mel Robeck of Fuller Theological Seminary presented Azusa Street history and announced the Azusa Street memorial wall project expected to be completed in 2019. Over 4,000 homeless and community members were fed and blessed with shoes and clothes as San Pedro Street was closed to accommodate the crowds of people.

The prestigious William J. Seymour award was presented during the final moments of the Azusafest celebration to Bishop T.D Jakes’s representative. Azusafest is a three-day Gospel music celebration that commemorates the Azusa Street Revival. This year’s Azusafest was held in conjunction with the ‘AzusaNow’ celebration in the Los Angeles Coliseum on Saturday, April 9.

Fred and Wilma Berry carry on the history of Azusa Street as international representatives through the Azusa Street Mission. The organization’s mission is to carry the flame of Azusa Street to the next generation throughout the nations of the world. The Azusa Street Mission and Historical Society was founded in 2006 during the 2006 centennial celebration. Next year’s Azusafest celebration has been confirmed for April 6,7, 8, 9, 2017. Further information can be obtained at www.azusastreetmission.org.

(Source: Christian Newswire)

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