New Book Presents Case Study on Anglican Communion/Episcopal Churches in North America

A new book by the Very Rev. Dr. Godson Paul-Nzeh, A Crack In The Church And The Biblical Solution, reveals and challenges the progressivisms in Anglican Church especially from the province in North America. It shows the harm the ideology has done to the faith once delivered to the saints. He stresses that spiritually the ideology has created a crack in the Church. This includes the Church challenging traditional marriage before the government and most of the western countries followed suit. The author believes that the spiritual revival the church is waiting for will come only when the church goes back to Biblical values. This book will effectively help a student of theology to grasp the meaning of theology – generally and specifically – the reformed/Anglican theology. It will also help the reader to follow the present historical events and radical ideological changes that the Church is experiencing.

“A lot of people choose a theological opinion without knowing much about issues surrounding such opinion, others are confused with biblical jargons they meet,” states the author. “So the readers of this book will understand through my exegesis, the statements they are confused about in the Bible. Few authorities of the Church have chosen the wrong path by casting aspersion on the veracity of the Word of God, readers therefore will know why such people are wrong.”

Paul-Nzeh, an Anglican by birth, is approximately seventy years old. He has the life experience to know whether the church is derailing or not. His knowledge of the Church is influenced by his experience of new birth as a young man. The author has served the Church as an ordained minister for twenty-nine years in Africa and America. He rose from ranks in the Church to that of a Provost of a Diocese. Academically, he studied Religion as his first degree and Biblical studies/languages for a Master’s degree in Theological studies. He also has a PhD in Theological studies.

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(Source: Christian Newswire)

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