2009 Business Women’s Symposium

The 2009 Business Women’s Symposium will “release and empower women to understand how their unique created purpose enables them to powerfully impact their workplace relationships by connecting them with their own passion and spirituality.” We believe this is the first conference to provide a specific comprehensive focus for Christian women in business that moves beyond “typical” women’s issues.

Sessions will cover areas such as: “What is your God- Purposeful-Story (G.P.S.)?,” “What is your Master Action Plan (M.A.P.)?”, “Strategies of Success,” “A Question of Change,” “The Woman Entrepreneur,” and panel discussions covering “Issues Women (In Business) Face” and “Financial Issues.”

The exciting lineup of speakers includes powerful voices from across the nation! The speakers bring specific expertise in raising money, operating business, moving professionally in a male dominated world, and focusing on one’s passion through purpose. They are as diverse as they are persuasive, drawing from professional experiences in coaching, motivational speaking, human resources, and worldwide ministry – this Symposium enlightens & equips the heart.

Speakers include Diane Cunningham, Teri Werner, Lana Heightley, April Stensgard, Alissa Varnon, Melissa Riehl and others! They come from all walks of life – single moms, entrepreneurs, corporate executives, government employees all with experience in for-profit and/or not-for-profit organizations. They bring passion and focus along with practical tools for business and professional life that you will be able to use immediately!

Opportunities still remain at special rates for corporate sponsors to advertise, provide scholarships, or donate items of value that will provide exposure to their business through their participation in this groundbreaking event (from <$100 and up)!

The Symposium commences at 6:30 PM Friday evening and concludes Saturday at 12:30 PM. Join with us at the Summit Event Center less than 15 minutes east of downtown Denver. For more information be sure to visit our website at http://www.bwsym.com or call 720-335-7857.

If you would like more information, or to schedule an interview with Benjamin Goss, the Media Relations/Event Coordinator with Keys of the Kingdom International, please call 720-335-7857 or email [email protected] Check out the website http://www.bwsym.com. Register as an attendee for $81.25 before FEB 27th or $125.00 @ the door. Students and Groups of 8+ receive deeper discounts.

(Source:Christian Newswire)

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