New Jersey Pastor Opens Free Health Clinic

Dr. Philip Bonaparte, pastor of New Hope Church of God in Trenton, New Jersey, recently opened a free health center in Trenton. Bonaparte, former chief medical officer at Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey, sees patients free of charge and said, “I am focused on providing free care to those who don’t have health insurance or a regular source of care.”

Dr. Bonaparte is board certified in internal medicine and has practiced for over 25 years. He is also a Bishop who serves as Senior Pastor at New Hope Church of God, located at 400 Hamilton Avenue, Trenton. In addition, he serves as pastor for the Long Branch and the East Windsor branches of NHCOG. Since giving up a lucrative career in the medical and corporate world to devote his life to full time ministry, Dr. Bonaparte has been focused on what he describes as “a vision to develop a health center to address the needs of the whole person; not only their medical needs, but spiritual, social, emotional and psychological.”

Dr. Bonaparte is starting as a solo practitioner, but has already developed a list of physician volunteers as well as a host of others ready to help make the health center a success. He also hopes to add dental services. All work at the health center will be done by volunteers.

The new center is on the ground floor at the old Capital Health Center Complex. The address is 416 Bellevue Avenue, Suite 102, Trenton, NJ. Appointments can be made by calling Averil Noyan at 609-599-4000.

When asked why he was so passionate about starting a free medical center, Dr. Bonaparte spoke of an experience several years ago when he was ministering in a section of Trenton near the church. He was drawn to a home where he says “the conditions of the home and the medical needs of the residents took me back to mission work I have done in underdeveloped areas around the world. My heart was broken.” He went on to say: “From that moment, I promised God I would use my medical gift to help to develop free services right here in Trenton.”

When Dr. Bonaparte found an opportunity to use space at the former Capital Health location on Bellevue Avenue, he didn’t waste any time to start seeing patients.

There is still a lot Dr. Bonaparte wants to do to turn the first floor space into a full health center aligned with his vision. He needs more computers, equipment and medical and office supplies as well as medications. However, he said, “I am doing what I constantly tell others to do. I am stepping out in faith and believing God will do a powerful work right here in Trenton.” He quickly added, “I can’t wait to see the first patient. I’ve been waiting for that day.”

For more information contact Karen Clark at 609-577-3480 or email [email protected]

or contact Dr. Bonaparte directly Bishop Philip Bonaparte, MD at 609-658-8702 or email [email protected].

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