Unique Ministry Partnership Announced for California Church

The International Executive Committee of the Church of God is pleased to announce a ministerial partnership with Jentezen Franklin, well-known pastor of Free Chapel in Gainesville, Georgia and the Jamboree Worship Center in Irvine, California.

T. Scot Carter, director of Church of God Communications, recently described the development.

“While traveling in Southern California, Pastor Franklin contacted then Pastor Floyd Lawhon, conveying a burden he had for growth of the kingdom in Southern California,” Carter explained. “Jentezen’s idea was that perhaps the Church of God and Free Chapel Church could work together in this regard. Pastor Franklin has a long heritage in the Church of God and over the years has consistently ministered in various Church of God events.” Carter explained that following their initial meeting, all appropriate church entities were contacted including, state and international leadership. Since that time, there have been many meetings and much collaboration addressing polity and adherence to the Minutes of the Church of God General Assembly in all regards.

Jentezen Franklin

Jentezen Franklin

Carter made the announcement of the inauguration of Free Chapel Orange County on behalf of the International Executive Committee. The unique partnership has been a work in progress since early May, with the leadership of the International Executive Committee, and careful assistance of California State Administrative Bishop Mark Williams.

“There has been a genuine attitude of cooperation from the leadership of the Free Chapel Church, and an expression of confidence of over 80% from the Jamboree Worship Center congregation,” Carter continued. “Free Chapel Orange County will continue to comply with Church of God polity in all respects as a part of the California/Nevada Church of God State administration. It should be noted that the day-to-day pastors of the church, who have been full-time staff members at the Free Chapel Church in Gainesville, have already begun the ministerial credentialing process with Church of God.”

The partnership with Free Chapel Church is one initiative of several in recent years to promote networking and harvest cooperation with other ministries and sister organizations, such as Patten University, Church of God of Prophecy Cooperative Initiative, and various world missions amalgamations.

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