Hill to Release Amos Paradigm

A soon-to-be-released book by Church of God World Missions Director Tim Hill will challenge readers to acknowledge and personalize a message from the prophet Amos that promises unusual blessing and provision from God for last days ministry. The Amos Paradigm explores the implications of Amos 9:13, which has been a ministry theme for Hill during the past 18 months.

“Throughout this book, I will tell how this season has affected my family, my finances, and my faith,” the Missions director wrote. “More than that, I will tell you about a supernatural wave of favor that is targeted for your life known as the Amos 9:13 season. Most of what you are about to experience will be unique to you.”

“Our experiences will be as varied as our unique backgrounds,” Hill continued, “but I believe this about the Amos 9:13 season: During this remarkable and incredible time God will exceed all you expect, He will increase all you invest, and He will accelerate time to accomplish His kingdom purpose in you.”

The faith-filled book is based on the personal experiences of Hill since his election as director of Church of God World Missions in 2012, and its exegesis of the writings of Amos in conjunction with other scriptures relating to God’s divine provision.

The Amos Paradigm will be available in bookstores, from Amazon and other online suppliers, and through Church of God World Missions and Pathway Bookstore in the coming weeks.

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