Film Focuses on Adoption Inspired by Biblical Story

THE ALMOND TREE, a documentary film about a local (Cincinnati/Dayton) tri state couple and their amazing adoption story inspired by Biblical scripture.

A young couple, who after dating, marriage and building a home together, were ready to start a family. After several failed attempts to conceive a child, they discover their chances of becoming pregnant are minimal. All seemed lost but God had other plans. Through a series of events Danny & Leslie realize what it means to become parents, raise a family and find true redemption.

This is an amazing story which will inspire any viewer. Danny and Leslie Engle struggled through some problems after they were married, including Leslie’s physical battles which left her virtually unable to bear children. With only a small window for the possibility of having a child following her endometrioses, Danny is tested and learns he cannot father a child. At this opportune moment their pastor, Lamar Ferrell, tells Danny of a woman in jail who is soon to give birth but wants to give up her child for adoption to a Christian couple.

As Danny hears an adoption ad on a radio station God makes the book of Jeremiah very real to Danny. In fact, a scripture found in Jeremiah 1:12 becomes even more meaningful when the son they adopt and name Jeremiah, is born on 1/12! That’s not where the confirmations of God’s word ends. From a scriptural reference to an almond tree to the exact time that Jeremiah was born, God showed Danny and Leslie that this was His plan and He was in control. Danny and Leslie have one other confirmation moment when they learn that this baby was to be aborted. This brings up some emotional memories for the couple that you have to see to believe.

A Five Dove Award Winner and Best Documentary Winner at The American International Film Festival. Now available on DVD at all major Christian Retailers and Amazon. Visit for more info.

(Source: Christian Newswire)

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