Questioning Attorney Finds Quantum Physics and the Bible Agree

Author Mark Hicks has made a stunning and compelling connection in his new book, “Surprise: The Agreement of Quantum Physics, Relativity & the Bible / Modern Science and the Bible: They Say the Same Thing.”

Hicks has found that the “strange” world of quantum physics, when looked at from a spiritual perspective, may not actually be all that strange to Bible readers. In fact, says Hicks, today’s physics actually confirms what the Bible says about the nature of God, His creations and “reality.”

Hicks reminds the reader that relativity and quantum physics have led to innovations that have transformed the planet in the past 100 years. The central discovery of relativity is that light (not space and time) is the single constant in the universe. Similarly, the Bible says that God is light, the single constant throughout the universe.

Both Biblical teachings and quantum physics say that light is the mechanism through which everything exists (or “seems to” exist.) Every atom emits or absorbs light, therefore every thought, word, deed and object occurs through this process as well. Everything is energy, and the elemental foundation of the universe is pure potential. The Bible concurs that light is the means by which God created the universe and light (God) continues to hold all things together.

Quantum physics finds that atoms exist in a semi-real, pure potential, virtual state until a conscious observer looks at them with an expectation. It is the expectation of the observer that determines their actual, “real” nature in that moment. Similarly, the Bible says that faith — i.e. what a conscious observer believes and expects to see — determines the nature of that person’s reality.

Says Hicks:
“Whatever the truth is, it is not going to change regardless of who is trying to find it. Is there really any reason for secular science and theology to regard the other as counterproductive when they are both seeking the same thing?”

In his book, Hicks uses accessible language to guide the reader to the same realization he has come to: that quantum physics and the Bible are actually saying the same thing.

The chasm between religion and science is rapidly closing, and with this book, Hicks makes a powerful contribution to the movement.

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