Prayer Ministries Announces ’40 Days of Prayer’ event

Church of God congregations are encouraged to participate in the upcoming 40 Days to Save America national call to prayer, fasting and repentance, beginning September 28.

The national election will be the focus, 40 days prior to the national election. Doug Small, Coordinator for Prayer Ministries, is urging Church of God congregations to join the National Prayer Committee and other national prayer organizations from September 28 to November 6.

Dave Butts, chairman of America’s Prayer Committee, along with Shirley Dobson, the leader of the National Day of Prayer has partnered with many denominations, and national prayer organizations – to call the nation to prayer.

“In times of national tribulation, our people have often been urged to humbly turn to God in prayer,” Small stated. “Our nation was established upon a strong religious foundation. Our freedoms, which today are everywhere imperiled, are God-given as expressly stated in the words of what might be called our National Mission Statement, the Declaration of Independence. They can be sustained only with His mercy.”

Our destiny rests in God’s hands,” Small continued. “The crises confronting us are beyond the power of human beings to resolve without Divine guidance. Nothing short of a Third Great Awakening can save us and that’s why the 40 Days to save America project is so vitally important.”

There is a link on the Church of God Prayer Ministries website – And other websites – and have support materials.

Over the past few years, prayer ministries has emphasized ’30 Days of Saturated Prayer’ in September of each year. This year, Small is urging churches to join this national, inter-denominational effort.

Small concluded his remarks by saying, “The place to start isn’t with primaries, platforms and conventions, but rather through prayer, fasting and repentance. We make the following calls:

• For pastors, priests and rabbis to open their churches and synagogues throughout America for 40 days for prayer and fasting, each person seeking their own level of unselfish sacrifice as we corporately and individually seek God for His intervention in our beloved nation;
• For Christian and Jewish voters to make informed choices, voting not as Republicans or Democrats, but as followers of the living God; and
• For our leaders to have the wisdom and discernment to act according to His will and not based on personal or partisan considerations.

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