William J. Seymour Award Presented in Sao Paulo, Brazil

SAO PAULO, Brazil – Over a century ago, a partially-sighted African American minister came from Texas to Los Angeles to spread the Pentecostal ministry. His early efforts to preach the Pentecostal message were rejected. Church leaders were suspicious of his religious doctrine and his teachings, but he persevered and kept on praying. Then in April of 1906, a powerful outpouring of the Holy Spirit occurred within his small group of worshipers. There were physical and mental healings, speaking in unknown languages and many other miraculous and inexplicable occurrences. Word spread and soon hundreds of people started coming from all over the world to the Apostolic Faith Mission on Azusa Street in Los Angeles to receive the Holy Spirit.

The Azusa Street Revival lasted over three years and is widely considered to be the primary catalyst that sparked the worldwide Pentecostal Movement. Currently, it is estimated that over 800 million Pentecostals in the United States, Latin America, Africa and Asia can trace their religious origins to the Azusa Street Revival and Bishop William Joseph Seymour. Fred and Wilma Berry carry on the history of Azusa Street as international representatives through the Azusa Street Mission & Historical Society. The organization’s mission is to carry the flame of Azusa Street to the next generation throughout the nations of the world….

The Azusafest celebration, normally held in Los Angeles since 2006, has begun traveling to the nations when the celebration was invited to Ghana. At the 2011 celebration, the widely acclaimed International William J. Seymour Award, which is given to senior leaders who exhibit the characteristics of the Lord’s humble servant, William J. Seymour, was presented to Apostle Sam Korankye Ankrah, a local pastor. This year’s “Azusafest” celebration will be held in Sao Paulo, Brazil on Wednesday, April 18th, 2012. Pastor Jabes de Alencar of ASSEMBLÉIA DE DEUS BOM RETIRO will be the seventh recipient of the William J. Seymour Award. Prior recipients of the W.J. Seymour award have been: Bishop Charles E. Blake, the COGIC presiding Bishop USA; Pastor Sunday Adelaja, from Kiev, Ukraine; Dr. Patricia Bailey-Jones USA; Apostle John Eckhardt USA; Dr. Myles Munroe from Nassau, Bahamas; and Apostle Sam Korankye Ankrah from Accra, Ghana.

This year’s recipient, Jabes de Alencar of ASSEMBLÉIA DE DEUS BOM RETIRO is Senior Pastor of the Evangelical Church Assembly of God, Bom Retiro; President of CIMEB, the Interdenominational Council of Ministers of Brazil Evangelicals; President of CPESP, the Council of Evangelical Pastors and Ministers of the State of São Paulo; permanent member of the Advisory Committee of the Community Policing of Sao Paulo State; Member of the National Council of the United Nations in Sao Paulo. The exemplary features of his ministry are evangelism, a warm perpetual smile and a fantastic sense of humor. His primary fight is the UNITY OF THE BODY OF CHRIST.

The Azusafest is a gospel music celebration commemorating the Azusa Street Revival. The festival will take place April 18th, 2012 at ASSEMBLÉIA DE DEUS BOM RETIRO A Igreja que ama você Rua Afonso Pena, 560 – Bom Retiro – São Paulo – SP Tel.: (11) 3355-4000. The festival is sponsored by the Azusa Street Mission & Historical Society and the Council of Evangelical Pastors and Ministers of the State of São Paulo ( CPESP). www.cpesp.org.br

Fred and Wilma Berry founded the Azusa Street Mission and Historical Society in 2006. The purpose of the ASMHS is to educate the public about the historical significance of the Azusa Street Mission and the global Pentecostal Movement’s impact on society. For more information call (323) 692-7268 or visit www.azusastreetmission.org.

(Source: Christian Newswire)

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