Church of God in Senegal Suffering Persecution

Church of God Representative Louis Luwaya reports on the situation in the African nation.

Senegal is known for its hospitality and religious tolerance. One can find within the same family
both Muslims and Christians living peacefully. These days the situation in Senegal, especially in
Dakar, is unfortunately very tense. It is due to complex reasons such as the high cost of living,
black-outs, a bill of creating the post of vice President presented by the majority deputy members
of parliament from the ruling party, and the spiritual cleaning exercise from one Islamic
brotherhood called “les layennes of Yoff.”

Recently, a colleague pastor called to inform me of the threats against one church in West Foire.
A group of Muslims went into the streets to call upon their fans and fellow Muslims to gather
and burn the church of Voice of God Mission.

When I received the call, I decided to contact the pastor of that particular church. He let me
know he was aware and had gone to see the Préfet and police, who assured him they would send
the police to the church the following morning.

The church was looted and thereafter burned to ashes. Several members of this church sustained
several injuries but no death was registered. There are other churches that were completely
destroyed by Muslims: Baptist International Church, Redeemed Christian Church of God,
Christian Faith Centre, Dieu est Amour (God is Love), Jesus Burden Bearer Ministries, etc.

There were riots, as well, everywhere in the city. Many state buildings, vehicles, and power
company offices were set ablaze. We need to understand the situation here in Dakar. The
prevailing situation has raised a question in the minds of landlords: Is it helpful to give the house
to churches as sitting tenants? It has become risky to have churches as your sitting tenants. Our
landlord is threatened and very afraid of what can happen when his house is on the list of those
churches to be destroyed. We need to have our own house.

We need your prayers for protection and, at the same time, the wisdom from God. The church in
Senegal is praying and fasting.

Louis Luwaya
Church of God Representative to Senegal/Gambia

© 2011 Church of God World Missions

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