LEAD Conference Highlights Pre-Assembly Events

The popular LEAD Conference will once again be part of pre-Assembly activities when the 78th International General Assembly of the Church of God takes convenes on July 25-29, 2022 in San Antonio, Texas.

Christians Set to Share Their Faith Globally on GO Day, May 28

An estimated 50 million Christians worldwide are sharing their faith on GO Day, May 28th. May is GO Month, and Christians have been sharing their faith through creative outreaches in Brazil, caring outreaches in the largest slum in Africa – Kibera, Kenya, as well as in Nepal, Myanmar, the Philippines, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Mexico, the United States, and many other nations.

Sixteenth Annual ‘Say Something Nice’ Sunday

Just when the harsh rhetoric had seemed to abate a little, the leak at the Supreme Court shattered our dreams of a more civil political debate season. Now the atmosphere is more toxic than ever. Where are the voices of reason?