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In this final installment in commemoration of Black History Month, the Church of God is pleased to present snippets of books and devotionals authored by pastors and ministry leaders of African descent within the denomination.

Ukraine-Russia: Local Churches Launch Brave Aid Effort in War Zone

“Unstoppable” local churches in Ukraine and Russia are launching a large-scale humanitarian outreach across Ukraine as war erupts around them and many suffer.

Operation Rescue Opposes Supreme Court Nominee

Ketanji Brown Jackson was nominated yesterday to fill the vacancy on the U.S. Supreme Court left after Justice Stephen Breyer announced his retirement last month.

General Overseer Issues Prayer Alert for Ukraine

Cleveland, TN: With the military invasion by Russian troops into the Ukraine, Dr. Timothy M. Hill, General Overseer of the Church of God, issued the following call to prayer to our church family for those in harms way:


In honor of Black History Month, the Church of God is pleased to present a series of articles, features, and devotionals written by pastors and ministry leaders of African descent within the denomination.

By Bishop Danny Kyei-Poakwa

Every decision must be coupled with a choice, and for every choice there will be several options to select from.

Freedom of choice is a treasured American value. We are the flagship of democracy We choose our governments and political leaders through voting. Also, as consumers in a free market economy, we are confronted daily to make a choice among a variety of products and services. Each individual has so many choices to make every day Researchers at Cornel University estimate that in the US, an individual makes about
226.7 decisions each day on food alone (science.unc , 02 / 07 / 2018). It is also estimated that in the US, the average adult makes about 35,000 remotely conscious decisions each day The level of the responsibility of the individual will also impact the number of decisions as well, and each decision comes with certain consequences, whether good or bad.

Danny Kyei-Poakwa

The above-mentioned statistics imply that in a year of 365 days, the average American will make about 12,775,000 decisions. This is scary but true. This implies that to succeed in 2022, it depends on the decisions we make, especially in the uncertain times we live in. This is the reason why the Bible declares that wisdom and knowledge will be the stability of the times (Isaiah 33:6). Wisdom is the prudent application of knowledge. The essences of both elements are to enhance the quality of our decisions in the year.

Our choices are therefore very important. Every decision is a choice we make.

Therefore, for every choice you want to make, ask yourself whether you are ready for the impact thereafter, either for short, medium or long term. As you journey through 2022 you will be confronted with choices you cannot ignore. As a matter of fact, when you ignore a choice, you have made a choice. No one can blame another for the choices we make; not parents, your boss, spouse, God or any other, because you had a menu full of options and you independently selected one-your preference. This statement is endorsed by Zig Ziglar, an American author and motivational speaker when he said “Every choice you make has an end result” (1997). This statement is also in line with the universal paradox – “you are free to choose but you are not free from the consequence of your choice” (Tweegram,

Esau came face to face with a choice and its impact; to go hungry for a moment or to satisfy his hunger now and loose his dignity and inheritance.
David was confronted with the options of leading the battle as the King, having leisure at home or satisfying his sexual pleasure. One of it led to another choice to murder his own commander. Esther chose to visit the King at her own peril, when she had not been invited. Her choice was not for selfish means but for the good of posterity.

Take into consideration the following, as you attempt to choose from the options available:

• Will it be consistent with God’s Word? The Bible is the rule of all our conduct. It offers the moral foundation for all our actions and provides wisdom to make the best of the moment.
• Will God be proud of me? In Matthew 3:17, God testified of Jesus that “this is my beloved son ” after your choice,
will your life continue to impress God? The choice you make has a ripple effect even on the name of the Lord. God must always be pleased with choices either at work, church, school, home or driving on the road.
• Will my life testify of God’s faithfulness? After your choice, you must maintain your Christian faith as a worthy ambassador for Christ and a testimony of His faithfulness. Remember that your life is a mirror through which others can look on to see God. Any choice that will undermine your Christian commitment must be reconsidered.
• Will it bring peace? It is important to figure out the implications of your choice; will it create peace with me and God, peace with my family, peace at my work, peace with my children, my neighbors and so on?

Yes, your choice is your personal right as a human, but you don’t live on an island. Your life and its implications connect with the rest of the world and with God the Creator of all things. Make your choice, but be careful.

Bishop Danny Kyei-Poakwa is a Bible teacher, leadership coach and workshop facilitator, author/publisher, motivational and inspirational speaker

CfaN Schedules ‘Impartation’ Gatherings

Christ for All Nations (CfaN) is thrilled to announce the dates and locations of the 2022 Impartation Breakfast Meetings.

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