First Event Conducted in Renovated Chapel

Cleveland, TN—A Christmas celebration for employees of the International Offices took place on Wednesday, December 8 in the World Evangelization Center chapel. The event was the first following an extensive upgrade and remodeling of the space earlier this year.

‘BREAK EVERY CHAIN’ Based on Inspiring True Events

BMG-Global announces the release of the feature film BREAK EVERY CHAIN starring, Dean Cain, Ignacyo Matynia and Krystian Leonard, on December 7 to DVD, Digital Purchase, and Digital Rental.

How Leaders Survive When Facing Demonic Discouragement

So many of my pastor friends have trudged through 2021 as if they were slogging through mud. This hasn’t been an easy year. If we opened the church for meetings, we were accused of being uncaring. If we asked people to wear masks at church, we were criticized. If we didn’t talk about politics, or if we did, we were attacked from both sides.

General Assembly Website Launched

Cleveland, TN—A website has been launched with preliminary information regarding the 78th International General Assembly of the Church of God. The site can be accessed at or directly at

GFA World Launches Christmas Campaign to Tackle Poverty

A “moo-ving” Christmas campaign aims to lift pandemic-affected families out of extreme poverty — with gifts of cows, goats, chickens and other farm animals.

Christian Publisher Offers Free Evangelistic Material

In a landmark move, Most Important Story Publications, known worldwide for the evangelistic print booklet “The Most Important Story,” has changed strategy and is offering a PDF of the MIS book in 109 languages for free download which allows users to read or print for outreach.

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