The Latino Harvest Is Ready: The Church on Mission

In a continued observance of Hispanic Heritage Month, the Church of God Department of Hispanic Ministries offers the following report on the Hispanic Harvest in North America.

Open Doors USA Invites Christians to March for the Martyrs

As Christians in Afghanistan pray to stay alive, this Saturday, US Christians are being called to D.C. for a first-of-its-kind large-scale march of solidarity for martyrs and persecuted Christians.

Veritas Press Celebrates 25 Years of Serving the Homeschool Community

The month of September is the 25th anniversary of the founding of Veritas Press and this week is the anniversary of the day in 1996 that the documents finalizing the birth of Veritas were signed!

Fall 2021 Issue of Engage Journal Now Live

The Fall 2021 issue of Church of God Engage has been released and is available digitally at

New Book Reimagines Holistic Pro-Life Care

At first glance, pro-life and pro-choice ideologies appear staunchly opposed to each other. But what if life and choice didn’t have to be in opposition to one another? What if a woman’s life, and the life of the unplanned unborn, could both thrive simultaneously? Save the Storks, a pro-life nonprofit existing to support pregnancy centers nationally, is working to change the narrative around unplanned pregnancies and to depoliticize the topic of abortion.

American Christian Donors Provide Ambulance to Israeli First Responders

Officials with Magen David Adom—Israel’s paramedic organization and Red Cross—say that a generous gift of over $100,000 from American Christian donors in recent weeks will allow the organization to purchase a new ambulance that could stay in service for up to a decade and service over 10,000 patients.

Lee University Establishes Center for Responsible Citizenship

Cleveland, TN–Lee University recently approved the founding of the Center for Responsible Citizenship (CRC).

University Study Finds PFI Program Transforms Prisoners, Prisons

A groundbreaking Baylor University study of a Prison Fellowship International (PFI) in-prison program provides evidence that the faith-based course transforms prisoners – and leads to culture change in prisons.

‘Canyon Worship’ Releases Sixth Album

The Grand Canyon University Worship Arts program has released its sixth album, Canyon Worship 2021. All 10 new songs were written and performed by GCU students and recorded in the University’s state-of-the-art recording studio.

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