Pathway Press Releases ‘Reverse’

Cleveland, TN–As Christians living in a self-serving and self-destructive world, we must continually look to God’s Word to stay on course. Sometimes, this means “backing up to find it,” says J. David Stephens in his new book, Reverse.

Public Prayer Prohibited on Grounds of U.S. Capitol Building on July 4

A Christian minister was denied the right to conduct a peaceful prayer vigil and worship service at the Capitol after he was told his permit would not be processed because the U.S. Capitol grounds were “restricted.”

Missionary Coaches Guatemalan Youth Triathlon Team to Victory in Tikal

Several months ago missionary Paul Heier was training lifeguards in first aid and CPR at the public beach as part of his ministry to first responders when he was approached by some teenagers. The teen athletes explained that they love the sport of triathlon, but that no one was helping them and they needed lots of help if they were going to compete after the Pandemic.