‘Standing Strong’ Virtual Event Set for This Sunday

While Covid-19 has cancelled many events, it has also spawned virtual gatherings. This coming Sunday, August 23, 2020, the Church of God International Offices will be hosting another online celebratory event entitled, “Standing Strong.”

How Churches are Filling the Gaps in the ‘Last Mile of Need’

While each step of the supply chain is important, there is none more pressing than delivering through the “Last Mile of Need.” Local churches are innovatively taking the torch where others fall short and feeding the most food-insecure families.

New Book Helps Children Who Struggle with Deceit

How can a parent deal with a child who struggles with lying? How can a counselor help a child who is constantly deceitful? The newly released “Putting Away Falsehood” by Sally Michael helps parents and those who counsel children to influence not just behavior but the heart and will. The book is published by the children’s discipleship ministry Truth78.