Special Honorees at Smoky Mountain Gathering

An exciting event will take place during April 30 through May 2 as hundreds of senior adults will meet at the Smoky Mountain Gathering in Gatlinburg, Tennessee for three days of special services with anointed speakers and singers, talent competition, and many other opportunities for fun, fellowship, and spiritual renewal.

Five Ways to Make it to the Other Side of Grief

Author of “Mercy Triumphs Over Judgment,” Gerri Edwards, has identified five integral steps to not only making it to the other side of great loss and grief but to come out praising God. As a serial survivor, she has overcome seemingly insurmountable odds and emerged as a vibrant voice in Christian culture.

Why Did We Listen to R. Kelly, Anyway?

Singer and songwriter R. Kelly has been an American music sensation since the early 1990s. He’s sold 30 million albums, and he’s worth $150 million. But now, millions of his fans are suddenly purging his music from their playlists and asking radio stations to “mute R. Kelly.”