A Venezuelan Pastor Pleads for Prayer

While people in the United States are arguing about immigration, health care and President Trump’s wall, a once-prosperous nation 1,200 miles from Miami is imploding. It would be an understatement to call Venezuela a nightmare. The once-prosperous South American nation is now hell on earth.

Is Self-improvement One of Your Resolutions for 2019?

The New Year is here. Surveys suggest the majority of Americans make New Year’s resolutions, though an even larger majority (more than 90 percent) fail to keep them.

Winterfest Kicks off 2019 Season

Church of God Youth and Discipleship is once again hosting the popular Winterfest weekend beginning at the end of this month.

Hess Appointed to New Post

Dr. Larry Hess has been appointed to a new post at the Church of God International Offices. Earlier this month Hess was named International Liaison/Trainer for Spiritual Renewal and Transformation by General Overseer Tim Hill.

Christian Psychologist Explains Scary Spike in Child Suicide

Shocking stories of young children committing suicide have captured recent headlines, raising concerns about what could be fueling these tragedies.
While experts point to various causes, they say some key activities can help protect your children, like teaching them about God.

Church of God World Missions Summarizes Successful 2018

Church of God World Missions recently reported the highlights of the year 2018.

Operation Rescue Supports Funding Wall to Alleviate Border Crisis

Operation Rescue strongly supports funding the building of a wall at the southern border in order to alleviate a serious humanitarian crisis that is resulting in a boon for human sex traffickers and other criminals that are victimizing women and children by the thousands.

Organization Offers Sunday School Solutions

The need has never been greater for children to hear biblical truth and recognize the Bible for what it is—even children in church. Americans view of the Bible has shifted substantially in recent years, and the church is not immune. According to the Barna Group, “Millennials are half as likely as Elders to believe the Bible is the actual word of God and twice as likely to believe it is a manmade book of teachings and advice.” Sunday school teachers need all the help they can get as they seek to reverse this trend! That is why Child Evangelism Fellowship® has launched a new training ministry geared toward giving practical help to Sunday school teachers. Called Sunday School Solutions, it is a free video and article series available online.

Evangelists in Session at International Offices

Cleveland, TN–A group of Church of God evangelists are gathering for a two-day session at the International Offices. The delegation of approximately 35 are participating in informal meetings with members of the Executive Committee and church leaders.

‘Helping Your Church Live Stream’ Available on Amazon

Helping Your Church Live Stream by Paul William Richards, is now the #1 new book release in Amazon’s Religious Leadership category. Helping Your Church Live Stream is an instructional guide for ministry leaders considering the use of live streaming as an outreach tool for the church. The book features an included online learning course available on UDEMY.com for church media directors and volunteers helping leaders in the church take their learning to the next level.

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