Task Forces Gather at International Offices

Task forces on a number of topics met on Thursday, September 27 at the Church of God International Offices. Appointed by General Overseer Tim Hill, the task forces are primarily chaired by members of the International Executive Council which completed their September session this week.

Hillsong Splits From Assemblies of God in Australia to Become Its Own Denomination

Hillsong Church announced on Wednesday that it has formed its own denomination.

Let’s Be Honest—Christian Women Have Been Hurt in Church

Comedian Bill Cosby wasn’t laughing when he was led out of a Pennsylvania courtroom in handcuffs. He was sentenced to prison for drugging and sexually assaulting a woman 14 years ago. The judge in the case labeled Cosby “a sexually violent predator”—a statement that brought tears of relief to dozens of Cosby’s other alleged victims.

World Missions Announces Award Winners

Church of God World Missions held a conference and awards celebration banquet on Monday, July 30, 2018, the day before the official opening of the Church of God 77th International General Assembly in Orlando, Florida.

‘Transformational Truth’ Offers Answers

The current feeding frenzy over Judge Brett Kavanaugh is the latest demonstration of how the climate of our culture has come unhinged from any sense of values, moral purpose, or timeless truth. In 1954 attorney Joseph Welch shamed a similar witch hunt during the Army McCarthy hearings when he asked Senator Joe McCarthy: “Have you no sense of decency?” Character assassination has sadly become commonplace.

Drought, Earthworm Crises Follow Kerala Flooding

With thousands still reeling from the impact of historic flooding, a second major crisis drying up wells and killing helpful earthworms has heightened the need for GFA’s (Gospel for Asia, www.gfa.org) ongoing relief help in India’s Kerala state.

International Executive Council In Session

Cleveland, TN–The Church of God International Executive Council, elected to serve between 2018 and 2020, is meeting for the first time this week at the International Offices.

A Major Gathering in Jerusalem of Millennial Evangelicals

The first Sunday of every October marks the annual Day of Prayer for the Peace Jerusalem. Launched in 2002, by Evangelical Christian Leaders, Dr. Jack W. Hayford and Bishop Robert Stearns, millions around the world now join in on this annual observance. This year, however, hundreds of millennial evangelicals are not just praying, but they are engaging in a 21 day fast, and then traveling to Jerusalem, many of them for the first time.

Popular COGOP Minister Shot to Death in His Church

A Church of God of Prophecy minister was gunned down at his own church in Jamaica, according to reports.

Church of God, Pentecostal Holiness Church Leaders Respond to Kavanaugh Hearings

Some charismatic leaders have attributed the chaos around Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings to Molech and Jezebel. Others don’t define specific powers or principalities, but recognize the confusion is a major sign of spiritual warfare.

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