You Can’t Stop Praying Now!

So you pray for something for years and then you wake up one day, breathe a big sigh and say to yourself: This is crazy. Nothing is happening. God must not be listening.

500 Years After the Protestant Reformation — Can the Differences be Overcome?

October 31st marks the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, which split the Catholic Church. Dr. Peter Kreeft, a Catholic convert himself and author of CATHOLICS AND PROTESTANTS: What We Can Learn From Each Other, says that Protestants and Catholics are not as far apart as it seems.

Doctrine and Polity Committee Releases Second Paper

Members of the Church of God Doctrine and Polity (D&P) Committee have released a paper with extensive research on observance of the Sabbath Day and its significance.

Reinhard Bonnke to Host Farewell Crusade in Lagos

Christ for All Nations (CfaN) is to hold Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke’s last mass crusade and impartation service in the city of Lagos, Nigeria. TBN, DAYSTAR and GODTV will be broadcasting the event over the next few weeks.

Bott Radio Network Expands in Iowa, Illinois & Missouri

Bott Radio Network (BRN) expanded its nationwide Christian Talk Radio network with the launch of three new radio stations, serving Keokuk, IA at 96.3 FM, Quincy, IL at 94.9 FM, and Hannibal, MO at 93.3 FM. The new signals rebroadcast BRN’s powerful 100,000 watt radio station at 91.5 FM in St. Louis, further expanding BRN’s outreach in this tri-state area.

Lee University Hosting Annual Missions Week

Lee University is in the midst of “Dee Lavender Missions Week” to raise funds for the Phebe Grey Orphanage in Liberia, Africa, for a third consecutive year.

New Documentary Explores Scientific Evidence for the Resurrection

A new nine-part documentary from Revealed Films, “Christ Revealed,” explores the scientific evidence for the resurrection of Christ. Featuring top Christian apologists and historians and filmed on-location in Israel and across America, the docu-series is an epic journey of revelation about the truth of one of the Bible’s most controversial claims.

Group Announces 2018 Event at Texas Motor Speedway

Evangelism movement PULSE has announced plans for the next Together event to be held Oct. 20-21, 2018 at Texas Motor Speedway, a venue in Fort Worth, Texas that can hold more than half a million people. The event will feature an all-star lineup of speakers, pastors, artists and leaders from various backgrounds with the aim to promote unity and lift up the name of Jesus.

Petersen Elected Moderator of Full Gospel Church of God in Southern Africa

Dr. Stafford Petersen was recently elected moderator of the Full Gospel Church of God of Southern Africa. Formerly secretary general of the Full Gospel Church, Petersen replaces Anton van Deventer whose time in the moderator role was completed due to tenure limitations.

Christian Baker Receives Courage Award While Supreme Court Case Lingers

The Christian baker whose case is before the U.S. Supreme Court received an award this week for “courage in the face of power.”

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