Samaritan’s Purse Aiding Victims of West Coast Wildfires

Samaritan’s Purse is responding to the historic wildfires that continue to devastate the West Coast as thousands of families return to find their homes and years of priceless memories destroyed. The organization’s volunteers are on the ground in Santa Cruz, California, helping impacted communities sift through the ashes— searching for anything that may have survived the flames. A team of disaster response specialists is also working with local officials and church partners in Medford, Oregon. As soon as local authorities provide necessary clearance, volunteers will begin helping families start to recover.

Group Launches New ‘Hunger Map’ to Tackle ‘Hunger Epidemic’

With a 40 percent jump in the number of Americans going hungry due to COVID-19, a group has launched a new way to tackle the nation’s surging hunger epidemic.

Gov. ‘Shocked’ at How Much ‘Fear’ She Heard From Other Governors

Governor Kristi Noem of South Dakota, a rising star in the Republican party, claimed during an interview with CBN’s David Brody that during conference calls with fellow governors around the country she heard a palpable fear that she believes controlled and clouded much of their subsequent decision making.

International Migration a Global Missional Challenge

In their newly released annual report for 2020, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) has estimated some 272 million people globally (two-thirds of them labor migrants) are living outside their countries of birth. It is significant that this estimated number and proportion of international migrants in 2020 has already surpassed former projections made for the year 2050. What does this promise for world evangelization?

Controversial Leader Calls for Jesus Statues to be Removed

Shaun King, the controversial Black Lives Matter activist known for pushing false claims, called for the destruction of Jesus Christ statues and Christian churches for their depiction of the “white” holy family, which King argued are forms of “white supremacy” and “racist propaganda” that promote “oppression.”

If You’re Returning to Church, Here Are 10 Ways to Stay Safe

An evangelical research center focused on disaster response has detailed key steps churchgoers might take as they contemplate attending reopened churches.

Southern Baptist Convention President: ‘Of Course Black Lives Matter’

J.D. Greear, the president of the Southern Baptist Convention, on Tuesday, implored Southern Baptist members to accept and promote that “black lives matter” as a gospel issue but criticized the Black Lives Matter organization in his 2020 presidential address to church members.

Tennessee Police Officer Prays With Protester During Rally

The image of a police officer and protester in Nashville praying together has inspired many who are searching for hope during these troubling times.

Mississippi Pastor Whose Church Was Burned Down Vows to Pray for Arsonist

In a commentary published Wednesday by USA Today, the Mississippi pastor whose sanctuary was burned to the ground said he and his congregants “will pray for the soul and peace of mind” of the person who set fire to their place of worship.

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