Chicago Bible Society TV Special to Air September 9th on The Total Living Cable Network

The Chicago Bible Society (CBS), which is as old as the city itself, will air for the first time ever a TV special about its unique ministry to the Windy City and, through new media, the world.

Why Two-Thirds of Americans Want the Bible in Public Schools

The place of the Bible in public schools has been debated since the 1963 Supreme Court ruling in the consolidated cases of Abington School District v. Schempp and Murray v. Curlett.

Dot-Bible Takes Scripture From Gutenberg to Google

With fewer and fewer domain names available, American Bible Society will facilitate the addition of countless Web addresses by releasing the .BIBLE top-level domain (TLD), making the message of the Bible even more accessible to people in a way that best fits their digital lives.

Have Archaeologists Found Prophet Elisha’s House?

During 16 years of excavating Tel Rehov in the Jordan Valley, archaeologists uncovered a 3,000-year-old, well-planned city. They also found a unique building that might have been the house of Elisha the prophet.

Questioning Attorney Finds Quantum Physics and the Bible Agree

Author Mark Hicks has made a stunning and compelling connection in his new book, “Surprise: The Agreement of Quantum Physics, Relativity & the Bible / Modern Science and the Bible: They Say the Same Thing.”

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