Most Translated Film in History Releases 2,000th Language

The Jesus Film Project, the most translated film of all time, is now available in its 2,000th translation: Zo, a language spoken by approximately 65,000 people globally, including refugee and immigrant communities in 28 U.S. cities.

Season 3 of ‘The Chosen’ Set to Debut Nov. 18

The Chosen – the global phenomenon, multi-episode television drama based on the life of Jesus – will launch the first two episodes of its highly anticipated third season in more than 2000 movie theaters across the United States and in English-speaking territories.

Group Releases New Christmas Musical

Fathom Events announces the debut of the new Christmas movie, IT’S CHRISTMAS AGAIN, a special one-night event coming to theaters Tuesday, November 29 at 7:00pm local time.

‘The Case for Heaven,’ Releasing on Pure Flix

Pure Flix announces a partnership with Sandoval Studios and New York Times best-selling author Lee Strobel to exclusively stream “The Case for Heaven,” a documentary that investigates near-death experiences and presents evidence for heaven and hell. “The Case for Heaven” will be available on Pure Flix on July 15th.

Platform Combats Cancel Culture, Provides a Safe Harbor

CrossCurrent Digital is a Christian, conservative, family-friendly digital platform that will provide consumers with the option to purchase their eBooks, audiobooks, and digital content from a company that shares and protects content with a biblical worldview.

Sight & Sound Announces Launch of Feature Films

Following five decades of bringing stories from the Bible to life on stage in two locations for more than 30 million people, Sight & Sound announces the newest expansion to its ministry, Sight & Sound Films.

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