Firewall Project Africa Experiences Worldwide Growth

The last several months have been an eventful time as the Firewall expands its reach and presses on, growing at exponential rates. The organization continues to celebrate the launch of Global Fire Advance, which grew out of Firewall Project Africa and incorporates the same Heart of Man chart as well as training in multiplication church planting.

Ministries Partner to Help Families Focus on True Meaning of Christmas

Two ministries with the same passion and goal have joined forces to help children hear the sweetest story ever told.

Meals Project Raises Funds for Nepal

Westmore Church of God in Cleveland, Tennessee, sponsors a Nepal Evangelism Project, where they visit and train leaders for ministry. Paulette Lewis felt the burden to raise funds for the project and asked God to reveal to her what she could do … the result was a year-long commitment to sell a meal-a-month on the first Friday to those interested.

Castro Couldn’t Kill Christianity in Cuba

After Fidel Castro’s death on Nov. 25, journalists, Hollywood entertainers and heads of state described the Cuban leader as an “iconic figure,” a “tireless advocate for equity” and “a champion of the poor.”

Church of God, Operation Compassion Partner as Wildfires Threaten Thousands

Gatlinburg, TN–A fast-moving wildfire in the area of Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge in the Great Smoky Mountains grew rapidly last night as winds whipped a somewhat manageable set of brush fires into raging forest fires.

Documentary ‘Is Genesis History?’ Explores the Biggest Questions

In the enlightening new documentary, IS GENESIS HISTORY?, Dr. Del Tackett takes audiences on a remarkable journey to explore evidence that supports historic claims of the Book of Genesis with renowned scientists and Bible scholars.

Evangelicals Call on President-elect Trump to Protect and Safeguard Religious Freedom

Ministers ask that Mr. Trump clarify his position on a Muslim Database and ensure that no one is targeted or forced to register because of their religious beliefs.

#GiveAnEternalGift Combats the Commercialization of Christmas

For Christians, particularly those upset with the increasing commercialization of Christmas, Meet The Need has launched an “Ice Bucket Challenge” for service and evangelism called #GiveAnEternalGift. The goal is to encourage 1 million Christians to “put Christ back in Christmas” as Jesus would – by letting acts of kindness open the door to sharing the Gospel – with neighbors, coworkers and complete strangers.

Lee University Prominent in CMA Christmas Special Tonight

Lee University alumni and student groups will be playing a prominent role in the Country Music Association (CMA) Country Christmas special set to air tonight, Monday, November 28 on ABC television. The anticipated annual event will begin at 8:00 p.m. EST.

Leadership Playground Holds Virtual Summit Dedicated to Faith-Centered Entrepreneurship

The Leadership Playground, a leadership development agency, will host its first annual FaithPrint Virtual Summit, free of charge to participants, on December 19 – 23, 2016 from 8:00am-7:30pm. Hosted by the company’s CEO, Philonda Johnson, the goal of the summit is to provide innovative ideas and best practices to new Christian entrepreneurs as they craft strategic blueprints for how to run their businesses God’s Way.

Texas Judge Rejects Lifting Ban on Bathroom Decree

Texas Federal Judge Reed O’Connor denied requests from two federal executive branch departments to lift the ban on the Obama administration policy to allow so-called transgender public school students access to the bathrooms with which they self-identify.

Most Christians Believe in the Importance of Spiritual Growth but Not Actively Engaged in Discipleship

The majority of people who claim to be followers of Christ say they want to grow spiritually (77 percent). Yet, a small percent of these adults are involved in some sort of discipleship activity (20 percent)*. There is a disconnect between what Christians say is important to them and what they actually do.

Tim Hill Shares Thanksgiving Greeting

As we enter this Thanksgiving season, General Overseer of the Church of God, Cleveland, Tennessee, Dr. Timothy M. Hill offers the following message and greeting:

Christmas Story Collection Presents Holiday Fiction

Sarah Kay Bierle’s newest book, “With Gladness: A Christmas Story Collection” entertains and inspires individuals and families as it features holidays in America’s past.

An Incredible Story of Obedience, Suffering, Peace and Abundance

When Darlene Rose was 10, a missionary came to her church in Ames, Iowa, and gave an altar call to the teens and college-age students, begging them to give their lives to foreign missions. Darlene was sitting on the back row during the altar call and felt a firm hand on her shoulder.

Trump’s Election Brings Huge Opportunities for the Kingdom

In a surprise to many, Donald J. Trump was elected in an electoral landslide. Although many reasons have been given to explain the phenomena, economics was a major factor.

Israel Initiative Ministry Continues

The Church of God’s Israel Initiative is continuing to find places and communities in which to literally share the love of God. Improvements in properties have been made that will allow continued education and community presence. Gaps in support have been bridged to sustain workers till another door is opened. And powerful education curriculum that promotes peace and unity for all has been given.

I Never Felt So Welcomed…

The following testimony was written by Hannah Franklin, a 16-year-old who attends North Cleveland Church of God in Cleveland, Tennessee. This is her firsthand story of a recent missions trip.

Geoscientist Launches Fundraiser with Christian Sci-fi Novel

A Christian novel about geology and climate change? You bet.

Ministers Join Forces to Raise Awareness About Dangers of Assisted Suicide Laws

Life Legal hosted a conversation about life and death between two of the nation’s most prominent faith leaders to discuss problems with assisted suicide laws.

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