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Restaurant Continues 30 Year Christmas Tradition to Honor Children’s Home

Category: Church of God News

Sevierville, TN–Ye Olde Steak House, of Knoxville, Tennessee, closed its doors to the public on Sunday, December 14 to honor Church of God Smoky Mountain Children’s Home residents and SpiritCare widows with a very special Christmas meal and all the trimmings—a deluxe steak, salad, and dessert.

Rediscovering Jesus in the Christmas Madness

Category: Opinion & Commentary

I’ve often wondered what extraterrestrial aliens would think if they came to earth during December and watched people celebrate Christmas. Would they be able to figure out what this holiday season is about? I doubt it.

New Jersey Church Plans Multi-City Spiritual Flash Mob at Christmas

Category: Church and Ministry

If you are one of 5,000 people expected to attend Christmas Eve services this year at Liquid Church, the non-denominational Christian Church based in New Jersey, you will be equipped to participate in a spiritual flash mob planned that day.

Hollywood Christmas Myths: Do You See What I See?

Category: Opinion & Commentary

Do you see what I see on television? The pregnant Mary beaten by her father, Mary accused of sleeping with a Herodian soldier, God depicted as a promiscuous, absentee father and Jesus being cajoled in losing his virginity on December 7th’s Family Guy. Pseudo television Bible documentaries on the History/Discovery channels, “The Nativity Story” film and FOX animated series’ think this is acceptable biblical programming. What do you think?

Establishing Our Declaration of Faith

Category: Church of God News

By the time General Assembly delegates had made their way out of the Municipal Auditorium in Birmingham, Alabama, in 1948, they had adopted a Declaration of Faith that has unified the Church of God for 66 years.

The Church of God will celebrate this important document by declaring and celebrating January 4, 2015, as “Declaration of Faith Sunday.”

Sharefaith Curriculum Provides Greater Involvement Between Parents and Children

Category: Ministry Resources

Sunday School curriculum provider and church media company, Sharefaith, announces the release of ParentShare, to provide for greater involvement of parents with their children. ParentShare, a feature within the SharefaithKids app, informs parents about what their child is learning in their Sunday School curriculum, SharefaithKids. This helps the parent emphasize and reinforce those lessons throughout the week at home.

Dove Awards ‘Finding Harmony’ with Seal of Approval for Family Viewing

Category: Ministries and Organizations

Once Upon A Dream Productions is proud to announce that they have been awarded the Dove “Family Approved” Seal of Approval for their debut feature film, “Finding Harmony.” The film, which just captured The Pearl Award (for the film that best exemplifies the purity and enduring strength of the family bond) at the 19th Annual International Family Film Festival (IFFF) and was in the Heartland Film Festival’s Official Selection, was the first feature from the family run entertainment company.

‘Beyond the Mask’ Opens New Genre in Christian Films

Category: Discipleship & Evangelism

Sports, glimpses of heaven and parenting all scored big in the burgeoning market of faith-and-family films. But now a family-adventure genre blows open as Burns Family Studios deliver on BEYOND THE MASK, a swashbuckling serving of U.S. history as a former British mercenary overcomes his past, wins his beloved Charlotte and–with the vast ingenuity of one Ben Franklin–defuses a plot of, well, historical proportions.

Zambian School Holds Graduation

Category: Church of God News

On Saturday, Nov. 29, 2014, Bethel Bible College in Lusaka, Zambia, hosted graduation ceremonies for 90 graduates.

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