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Association Raises $2,000 for SMCH

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Smoky Mountain Children’s Home is the recipient of a donation by a group of caring individuals who all want to make a difference in the lives of today’s youth. Visiting SMCH back in June of this year, Mark “Macky” McIntyre, President of the Dragons Chapter of the Widows Sons Riding Association of Sevierville met with Dr. Coleman Peacock, Director of Communications for SMCH, and established a fundraiser for the Children’s Home coinciding with their annual rally.

Chicago Christmas Nativity Proclaims Religious Freedom

Category: Events and Happenings

Controversies over nativity scenes have made headlines across the country in recent Christmases – courts arguing from California to Florida over whether to allow faith-based Christmas displays at county buildings, schools and state capitals. Despite this national trend toward challenging crèches, Chicago’s Christmas nativity has been a constant of downtown holiday celebrations for over three decades and will return this Saturday.

Thanksgiving ‘Models Harmony Possible by Divine Grace and Good Will’

Category: Opinion & Commentary

Americans like to complain, and are in a particular funk in recent times. But Institute on Religion and Democracy (IRD) President Mark Tooley reminds us all that this Thanksgiving there is much reason for gratitude, and as always even more reason for prayer on behalf of many globally who lack religious liberty.

Two Suggestions for Prioritizing Time on Sunday Morning

Category: Church and Ministry

You are a leader and you have limited time. So, who do you talk with on Sunday morning?

Church of God Aids Refugees in Greece

Category: Church of God News

Church of God World Missions Director Tim Hill received word from Anastasios Aronis, Church of God chairman in Athens, Greece, that the Church of God there is feeding and helping the refugees who are flowing into their borders from Syria, Afghanistan, and Turkey. This influx has also been mainly felt in the islands of Lesvos, Kos, and Chios. After arriving on these shores, they then come to the mainland at Port Pireaeus in Athens.

“As with any nation caught in this dilemma, resources are limited,” Hill stated. “Greece itself has recently suffered greatly by the worst financial and moral crisis it has seen in years. The waves of refugees are becoming larger with each passing day.”

Aronis says the church has been diligently working with, and is seriously involved in, this mission for several weeks now. He asked specifically for prayer for this situation, and that the word is spread to everyone of the dire circumstances that exist.

“Our Greek brother in Christ also asks for (needed) cooperation and support of the Church of God in the States, as the needs grow larger with the passing of time,” Hill continued. “More than 750,000 refugees have arrived into Greece. At least 5,000 new souls per day are coming via small boats from Turkey. While it is a grave predicament, it is an opportunity, as well, to reach lives with the gospel of Jesus Christ … for He is the answer! The church in Greece is literally following the example of Christ by feeding the poor and preaching to them the Lord’s message of salvation!”

Aronis firmly avowed: “Glory be to God that the Church of God in Greece is there!”

For those desiring to help with this need, the Greece relief World Missions Project Number is 765-0057.

(Source: Church of God World Missions)

The Problem with Care Packages

Category: Church and Ministry

Although there are many great things about care packages and the many other gifts people send to ministries around the world, sometimes they become a big problem.

Christian Song Funds Bible Translations

Category: Discipleship & Evangelism

The Christian song “Your Word” that reaffirms the truth and hope found in the Bible will be released in the top 10 languages of Bible readers from November 20, 2015 and the following week onwards. Written and produced by a multi-award winning production team led by Billy Dorsey, the worship song will be commercially released to iTunes and other digital music retailers around the world. The English version of the song will feature Billy Dorsey, together with Lakewood Church Senior Worship Leader and international recording artist Cindy Cruse Ratcliff. Other language versions will feature vocals by award-winning Christian music veterans from around the world including:

Unified Prayer for Thanksgiving Week: ‘An Attitude of Gratitude’

Category: Events and Happenings

City Wide Prayer Network has been blessed to have “Powerful Wednesdays of Prayer” on telephone with rapid growing numbers. Each prayer watch has been explosive and God is moving on the City and surrounding areas to come together in Unity for in Unity there is unbelievable strength. Large numbers of People are calling from all over and we have had to extend some calls; many are desperate to connect with God and others.

General Assembly 2016 Website Launches

Category: Church of God News

November 23, 2015– The Church of God unveils later today a website for the International General Assembly ( to be held July 19-22, 2016.

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