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African Bible College Reaches Important Milestone

Category: Church of God News

The Bethel Bible College in Lusaka, Zambia, has progressed greatly under the leadership of Duncan Mboma, national education director. It now is one of the larger Church of God schools on the continent of Africa.

Christians Declare Solidarity with Unborn at March for Life

Category: Lifestyle & Culture

Tens of thousands of members of the pro-life community descend upon Washington D.C. for the March for Life Thursday. Centered on this year’s theme “Every Life is a Gift,” participants mark the 42nd year of unrestricted legalized abortion in the United States.

List of 2015 Best Christian Workplaces Announced

Category: Latest Trends

This year’s 2015 Best Christian Workplaces list identifies organizations where employees experience healthy, even flourishing workplace cultures. The employees in these organizations find the work they do to be so meaningful and transformational they are willing to go the extra mile. The rich day to day relationships and fellowship experienced are particularly meaningful. Results indicate employees in our Certified organizations contribute more of their energy, creativity and passion on their job, according to Al Lopus, President of the Best Christian Workplaces Institute (BCWI).

WORD Network Launches Worldwide Radio Superstation

Category: Ministries and Organizations

The WORD Network has finalized its purchase of Disney Radio Station, WFDF, 9:10am in Detroit. The station, which is the oldest known radio station in Michigan, has been broadcasting since 1909, making this its 106th year of existence.

Multi-Cultural Ministries Announces 2015 Black Ministries Awareness Events

Category: Church of God News

In conjunction with Black History Month across the United States in February, the office of Multi-Cultural Ministries is coordinating two exciting events to help promote black ministries in the Church of God.

New Initiative to Equip Women Christian Leaders

Category: Church and Ministry

A major global initiative aimed at connecting, equipping and empowering Christian women leaders launches January 26, 2015.

Pentecostal Doctor Accused of Casting Devil Out of Patient

Category: People in the News

A Pentecostal doctor is under fire after reportedly “religiously grooming” his patient by telling her “God is your surgeon” and casting demons out of her.

Persecuted Fire Chief Puts Heat on Atlanta Over Christian ‘Discrimination’

Category: People in the News

In a case that has rallied proponents of religious freedom, Atlanta’s ousted fire chief has filed a federal discrimination complaint against the city, arguing that his firing over a book critical of homosexuality was an attack on his faith.

World Missions Launches 1plus1 Prayer Initiative

Category: Church of God News

Out of the “Intercession” portion of the Church of God World Missions’ “Finish Challenge,” comes a process where individuals can join thousands of others in praying for the Global Harvest and the completion of the Great Commission.

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