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Chattanooga Church Hosts Easter Egg Hunt

Category: Church of God News

Chattanooga, TN–Hundreds of people showed up for the 3rd annual health fair and Easter egg hunt at East Chattanooga Church of God. It was an effort to help a poverty stricken community get the health services they need.

Will the Biblical Anti-Christ Be Muslim?

Category: Opinion & Commentary

In his best-selling 2009 book, The Islamic Antichrist, Joel Richardson’s stunning research and analysis suggested that the biblical Antichrist and Islam’s primary Messiah figure, the Mahdi, could be the same person.

Promise Keepers’ 25th Year of Men’s Conferences; Announces Schedule

Category: Events and Happenings

Promise Keepers (PK) is still reaching men. In its 25th year of hosting life-changing events for men and boys, an aggressive schedule includes seven cities.

Disciples of Christ Eye Convention Pullout to Protest Indiana Religious Liberty Law

Category: Ministries and Organizations

The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) denomination, based in Indianapolis, announced its governing convention may not meet in Indiana’s capital city after the state approved its own version of the longstanding federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA).

Pathway Press Releases 2014 Book of MINUTES

Category: Church of God News

MINUTES 2014, the official book of discipline, church order, and governance for the Church of God, has been released for sale by Pathway Press following an extensive update from the 75th International General Assembly held last summer in Orlando, Florida.

Imaginative Novel Reveals the Nature of God

Category: Discipleship & Evangelism

The new book by Alan Levett, WILDSHIEN: Tyranny and Liberation, ($20.99, paperback, 9781498407083; $7.99, e-book, 9781498407090) describes a young man on a mission to dethrone a tyrant who had enslaved his people. Having succeeded, he then discovers the true nature of the One who has been directing him, and commends God to his people. Overall, the author leads readers on a journey in his fantasy epic, and will enable them to view God from a fresh perspective.

Freedom From Religion Group Attacks NCAA Teams Over Chaplains

Category: The Persecuted Church

March Madness is sweeping the United States for the NCAA Basketball Championships. At the same time, the Freedom From Religion (FFR) is harassing six teams for having chaplains.

How Hollywood Tries to Sink Noah’s Ark

Category: Lifestyle & Culture

Noah is told by God to build an Ark in order to save his family from a global flood. Not a difficult story to decipher. Why is Hollywood unable to? Many of today’s films have supernatural/disaster themes (Jupiter Ascending, The Avengers: Age of Ultron – May 2015), why can’t Hollywood employ the same rationale to the Bible? Are movie studio executives and television networks unable to re-create Noah’s story (unlikely), do they have a desire to reinterpret Genesis or a personal hostility towards God and the Bible? You be the judge…

Missionaries Respond to ‘Year of the Missionary’ Actions

Category: Church of God News

As part of the World Missions Year of the Missionary initiative, frequent Skype sessions with World Missions Director Dr. Tim Hill, Assistant Director John Childers, along with staff and personnel, are provided to interact and encourage missionaries on the field. It is a venue to literally reinforce “We are with you!”

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