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Church of God Partners and Pastors Play Key Roles in Recent Tragedies

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In the last two weeks tragedy has struck in three different ways in a small pocket of southeast Tennessee and northeast Alabama. All three of the tragedies made national headlines and the local Church of God pastors, agencies and affiliates were prominent in relief and recovery.

Five Reasons a Christmas Eve Service Reaches the Unchurched

Category: Church and Ministry

It is likely the single day of the year more unchurched decide to visit a church.

Churches Turn to Digital Solutions as Giving Decreases Nationwide

Category: Latest Trends

The State of the Plate surveyed nearly 1,600 pastors, leaders and laypeople to assess the current state of giving to churches in America. This year’s constituency-based survey was a collaborative research project by Brian Kluth’s MAXIMUM Generosity ministry and leading church technology providers,, Elvanto, ChurchOS, Apollo Apps and ChurchMag.

Wrong Concepts We Have Taught About Spiritual Gifts

Category: Opinion & Commentary

One of the greatest blessings of the Holy Spirit is that He manifests Himself in every believer. He does not sit passively inside us. He is active. Jesus said in John 7:38 that the Spirit would become in us like a flowing river. He fills us so He can touch others with the reality of Christ.

Lee University Places on Two Prestigious Lists

Category: Church of God News

Once again, Lee University ranked in the “top tier” of the recent U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Colleges” edition.

YouVersion Bible App Reaches Quarter of a Billion Downloads

Category: Ministry Resources

With users in every country of the world, the YouVersion Bible App has reached a quarter of a billion downloads. The Bible App was one of the first 200 apps in Apple’s App Store debut eight years ago, and this year has been the biggest year yet for Bible engagement through the app.

Atheists and Satanists — One and the Same?

Category: Opinion & Commentary

Bill Donohue comments on the activities of atheists and Satanists:

A Forgotten Virtue of Great Leadership

Category: Opinion & Commentary

You don’t know it all. There are limits to your knowledge, ability and energy. And while the competitive nature of our culture, which often sneaks into our lives in ministry, would have us to hide all of our weaknesses in fear, there is tremendous power in becoming vulnerable with people.

Church of God World Missions Makes Christ’s Birthday Offering Appeal

Category: Church of God News

As we approach the holidays, our thoughts are filled with the awareness of just how much we have to thank God for … but, there are many around the world who do not know a full life in Christ.

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