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Tampa Congregation Sponsors ‘Carefest’

Category: Church of God News

Abundant Life, a Church of God congregation in the Tampa, Fla. area, has annually sponsored a community-wide event called CareFest. The event takes place every September with the theme being “Bee Caretagious.”

New York Mayor ‘OK’ with Anti-Semitic Opera

Category: Opinion & Commentary

Bill Donohue comments on New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s position on “The Death of Klinghoffer,” which debuted last night at the Metropolitan Opera:

How Should the Church Respond in Perilous Times?

Category: Opinion & Commentary

The times in which we live are unprecedented in the history of America. Every generation thinks the cultural decline is worse than in prior times. These times are clearly unprecedented—at least in American history. But the threats we face today are not unprecedented in Judeo-Christian history, a point I will address later.

Hundreds of Christians Joined Rabbi Riskin to Celebrate Sukkot

Category: Events and Happenings

EFRAT, Israel — Last week, hundreds of Christians from around the world celebrated the Feast of Tabernacles in Israel with Rabbi Shlomo Riskin that included a ‘praise service’ of the Hallel – Psalms 113-118. The event was unprecedented, the first time an Orthodox Jewish Rabbi invited the Christian community to such a gathering. Rabbi Riskin is the Chief Rabbi of Efrat, serves as Israel’s Ambassador for Jewish-Christian Relations and is Founder of the Center for Jewish-Christian Understanding and Cooperation (CJCUC). Long time veteran in Jewish-Christian relations, Cheryl Hauer of Bridges for Peace said, “I waited 25 years for this moment and this was the first time where we (Christians) felt completely accepted by the Jewish community in the Land.”

New Administration Welcomed at Iris B. Vest SpiritCare Center

Category: Church of God News

Sevierville, TN–During a special meeting of the SpiritCare Center Advisory Board, Betty Ogle presented the newly appointed director, Bishop Timothy Nuckles and his wife, Sharon, with a gift on behalf of the Sevierville Chamber of Commerce, welcoming them to Sevierville. The Nuckles were also honored with welcoming gifts from the Church of God Division of Care Ministries and Ministerial Care.

Hagee Addresses ‘Israel Awareness Day’ Event

Category: People in the News

As Faith Bible Chapel in suburban Denver celebrated its 36th annual Israel Awareness Day Oct. 19 with a Holocaust exhibit, Jewish-style music and dance, an Israel display, Mediterranean cuisine and high-caliber speakers from the United States and Jerusalem on Sunday, the keynote address by a Texas pastor was sobering and optimistic.

Evangelism Study Bible Designed to Help Christians Confidently Share Their Faith

Category: Ministry Resources

EvanTell, a ministry that trains and equips Christians to share the gospel clearly and simply, has brought a fresh perspective to the essential ingredient for evangelism – God’s Word — by publishing The Evangelism Study Bible.

Foundation Defends Pastors Against Houston Mayor

Category: Lifestyle & Culture

Kayla Moore, President of the Montgomery-based Foundation for Moral Law, denounced the attempt by Houston, Texas Mayor Annise D. Parker to subpoena sermons and sermon notes as a “blatant assault on religious liberty and a government attempt to control and censor the pulpit.”

Youth and Discipleship Pioneering New Program to Benefit Orphans

Category: Church of God News

The Church of God International Youth & Discipleship Department is pioneering a new ministry that uses “Charity Runs” as a way to help churches impact orphans without taking money out of the local church.

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