Hills Post Farewell Video Message

Cleveland, TN—Church of God General Overseer Tim Hill and his wife Paula have released a video invitation and message a week before the 79th International General Assembly begins in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Dr. and Mrs. Hill appear in the vacated office of the General Overseer where Hill has served since 2016. Due to tenure limitations, the Hills will be officially stepping aside next week as a new General overseer will be elected and installed.

“Over the last eight years we have endeavored to brand the Church of God with the idea of finishing the Great Commission,” Hill states in the video. “You have followed the FINISH Commitment with astounding results.”

Speaking to the women of the Church of God, Paula Hill said, You have raised millions of dollars to go toward worthy projects. The women of the Church of God take it personally to heart and it shows by what they have done.”

Hill appealed to the video audience regarding his successor in the general overseer’s post by stating, “The greatest support that the next Executive Committee will have will be your support in prayer. As for Paula and I, we will embrace the new leadership and follow the vision God has given them.”

Hill closed the video with an invitation for everyone attending the General Assembly to join him and the General Council at 8:30 am on Tuesday for a time of prayer and communion.

“This will be a time of intercession,” Hill said. “We stand firmly united in purpose, course, and mission…we are going to pray before we elect the first officer of the church.”

The 79th Church of God International General Assembly begins with preliminary activities on July 8, with the official opening to take place on Tuesday morning, July 9 at 8:00 am. Livestream will be available at that time at ga24.org.

To watch the complete video greeting from Dr. and Mrs. Hill, click here.

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