Ministry Challenges the Church to ‘Stand Firm in the Cultural Tornado’

A Texas-based ministry claims core biblical values are being eroded in the most unlikely places — America’s pulpits and pews.

“We’re facing a constant battle of ideas, including within many of our churches,” said Bunni Pounds, founder and president of Christians Engaged (

“Our basic beliefs about the world — our worldview — set the course for our lives,” she said. “Tragically, our culture has embraced false beliefs that lead to hopelessness, violence and death — and many churches are not standing up for the truth the Bible teaches.”

A recent nationwide survey of America’s pastors by Arizona Christian University suggests fewer than four-in-10 pastors (37%) hold a “biblical worldview” — defined as having views that are shaped entirely by what the Bible teaches.

And in a similar survey conducted by Arizona Christian University, only 6% — one in 17 — of Americans hold a strictly biblical worldview, instead favoring a syncretic hodgepodge of different beliefs and philosophies all mixed together.

“God’s Word — the Bible — has the answers we need for the deepest questions of life,” said Christians Engaged vice president Ben Quine, who produced and hosts a new 8-volume video series, Biblical Worldview: Answers for Difficult Days, launching, June 13.

The series aims to “answer our culture’s questions from God’s Word, and teach the Biblical Worldview to the next generation,” Quine said. “Only with a solid biblical understanding can we stand firm in the current cultural tornado.”

According to Barna Research, a person’s worldview generally develops before the age of 13, only undergoing minimal changes in the teens and twenties.

The new video series discusses the impact of other worldviews, including Syncretism, Secular Humanism, Darwinism, Materialism, Eastern Mysticism, and more.

Special guest interviews featured in Biblical Worldview include Andrew Wommack, Joseph Backholm, Dr. Tommy Nelson, Dr. Tim Clarey, Dr. Dennis Lindsay, Dr. Lanier Burns, Dr. Jeff Meyers, and David Quine, on whose Bible study the Biblical Worldview video series and companion devotional are based.

Christians Engaged (, a 501(c)(3), was founded by Bunni Pounds, a Bible teacher and political consultant who ran for Congress in 2018.

(SOURCE: Christians Engaged Via Christian Newswire)

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