Judge Re-Opens Steps of the U.S. Capitol to Free Speech Activities

“The People’s House” has been returned back to the people.

James E. Boasberg, Chief Judge of the United States District for the District of Columbia, issued a permanent injunction against the United States Capitol Police Board barring them from prohibiting free speech and 1st Amendment activities from being held on the lower portion of the eastern steps of the US Capitol.

Chief Boasberg’s decision came after Rev. Patrick Mahoney filed a federal lawsuit when he was arrested on the steps of the US Capitol.

Rev. Patrick Mahoney was arrested in August of 2021, with several others, for a peaceful demonstration and prayer vigil on the steps of the US Capitol.

Rev. Mahoney was arrested in the exact spot where Congresswoman Cori Bush, the week before, protested and camped out on the Capitol steps.
Over the years, members of Congress could hold demonstrations on the Capitol steps with impunity and people could gather on the steps for photographs and a host of other activities.

However, peaceful 1st Amendments activities like prayer vigils and demonstrations were banned and participation in them would result in arrests.

Rev. Patrick Mahoney, Director of the Washington, D.C. based Christian Defense Coalition, states:
“We celebrate this historic 1st Amendment victory and are thankful for the ‘The People’s House’ being returned back to the people. The ‘People’s House,’ as the US Capitol Building is so rightly called, must be a place where all Americans are afforded the right to come and peacefully celebrate and express their First Amendment Rights and not be reserved exclusively for political elites.

“The First Amendment ensures every American the right to peacefully express their views in the public square free from government intimidation, harassment, or favoritism. This should be especially true at the United States Capitol building.

“This federal court victory sends a powerful message to government officials that the banning and prohibiting of peaceful free speech and religious freedom will not be tolerated.”

The Christian Defense Coalition plans on having a worship and prayer service on the Capitol steps in June.

For more information or interviews contact Rev. Patrick Mahoney at 540.538.4741

(SOURCE: Christian Defense Coalition via Christian Newswire)

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