Spring/Summer Issue of Engage Released

Cleveland, TN– The Spring /Summer 2024 issue of Church of God Engage journal has been released digitally at cogengage.org.

This latest issue, released on Thursday, May 23, features articles that address contemporary topics, including a series by Pastor David Cooper on the advantages of sermon series,’ and the continuing fallout of the pandemic on U.S. pastors. This issue was delayed a few days to allow for a report of the 50th Anniversary celebration of the Ministerial Internship program (MIP) which took place last weekend. There is also an update on the upcoming Church of God General Assembly, which is now just over one month away on July 8-12, 2024.

Engage concludes the series by current General Overseer Tim Hill entitled, “Let’s Talk About It,” with his latest entry, appropriately titled, “My Last 100 Days as General Overseer.” Hill’s tenure as the Church of God’s top leader ends at the Assembly.

The Doctrine and Polity papers, a series of articles that addresses the Church of God’s core values, focuses on the topic of “Same-Sex Marriage: A Biblical Perspective,” authored by Dr. French Arrington. Arrington’s extensive research is presented in two parts, with the second of the series slated for the fall issue. He is a member of the D&P Committee, which consists of seasoned veterans of ministry, theology, education, and doctrine.

Under the Money Matters column, President and CEO of the Benefits Board Art Rhodes addresses a minister paying taxes, while Church of God Legal Counsel Dennis Watkins speaks to public accommodation laws and how it affects the local church.

Published three times a year, Engage is emailed directly to ministers, pastors, staff and leaders in the Church of God. It is also available to anyone through logging into the website. On the site, the publication may be viewed in PDF format. There are also several years of archived copies of the publication.

Engage offers Church of God news, practical ministry ideas, recommendations, and resources, as well as items for the local church. In addition, advertisements throughout the publication are provided by the departments and ministries of the Church of God and include live links to websites of advertisers.

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