New Season of ‘Today’s Nashville’ Premieres May 7

“Today’s Nashville: This is Faith” returns with new episodes on Cornerstone Television Network, premiering this Tuesday, May 7, 2024, at 10pm/ET. The new season boasts some of the best stories of faith ever featured on the program, as host Terry Squires sits down with some of the leading forces in Country music, Gospel music, the TV industry, and beyond. Guests will unveil their hearts from their own living rooms, sharing never-before-heard details on what motivates them.

Viewers can tune in Tuesdays at 10 PM/ET, and Saturdays at 3:30 PM/ET, on Cornerstone Television Network (, as well as on Roku and Fire TV.
“The unique niche that ‘Today’s Nashville’ meets is delivering a front seat view into the exciting stories of faith that everyone can relate to,” shared Cornerstone Television Director of Production Dave Tucker. “In a half hour, you really get a chance to tell a quality story, and I think viewers will enjoy that.”

Fans tuning in can expect to hear true-to-life stories: unveiling the life transitions that shaped well-known guests into the legends they are today, and how tremendous setbacks often threatened to steal everything they’d built.

Terry Squires agreed: “The best part of this season is the stories of faith …They are amazing, overwhelming, and inspiring. We’ve always had really good faith stories. This time around, though, they’re just different. Very touching. Very moving. God is moving in their lives, and we get to share it with everyone who listens.”

“Viewers are going to be really touched and inspired. They’ll hear stories of resilience, and passion for Jesus. They’ll hear about miracles happening through faith-filled prayer, and a woman with Stage 4 cancer starting her own business to share Jesus with others … My hope is that those who listen will listen with their heart, and hear how God wants to use them to be light in the darkness.”

Featured Guests of the New Season Include:
• Linda Davis
• T Graham Brown
• Rebecca Alonzo
• Stacey Scott
• Katie Farrell
• Jaime Jamgochian
• Justin Gambino
• Michelle Margiotta
• Tarn Cross
• Lisa Wilcox (Faithful Cookie Company)

“Today’s Nashville — This Is Faith” is produced by Cornerstone Television Network, a Christian media ministry based in Wall, PA (Pittsburgh).

(SOURCE: Cornerstone Television Network)

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